Maple Grove Apartments in Fresno Recognized as Recycler of the Year


SAN MAR Properties, Inc. is proud to announce that Maple Grove Apartments in Fresno was selected by Mid Valley Disposal as their City of Fresno Recycler of the Year.

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Apr 10, 2018 /prREACH/ -- SAN MAR Properties, Inc. is proud to announce that the Maple Grove Apartments in Fresno have been selected by Mid Valley Disposal as their City of Fresno Recycler of the Year. Mid Valley Disposal gives this award annually to recognize and honor local businesses for their outstanding recycling efforts. The Recycler of the Year award is given each year to a business that makes a difference in the environment by reducing waste, recycling and conserving resources in rental communities during the previous year. Maple Grove Apartments is excited to be the City of Fresno’s 2018 recipient of this award.

The Maple Grove Apartments were selected because of its outreach efforts to educate their community on the importance of recycling and keeping the community a safe and clean environment. According to Mid Valley, Maple Grove with its 120 residential units diverts on average 37,200 pounds of recyclables each month. The Fresno City Council issued a Proclamation declaring August 17, 2017 “Maple Grove Apartments Day” because of Maple Grove’s exceptional service.

Fresno’s Maple Grove Apartments are operated and managed by SAN MAR Properties, Inc., a company that specializes in the management of Homeowners Associations, multifamily communities, commercial, single-family properties and residential real estate sales. SAN MAR is a valuable partner in Maple Grove’s recycling effort, and itself believes strongly in the importance of maintaining clean, safe environments.

Proven results, extensive experience, and knowledge of California’s Central Valley housing and rental markets have made SAN MAR one of Fresno’s premier providers of all aspects of real estate services. Founded in 1981 by Marc A. and Sandra Wilson, SAN MAR Properties, Inc. was created to be a company that property owners could turn to in both good and bad times, a company that provides reliable teams to effectively and efficiently manage other people’s investments as if they were their own. Professional, hands-on service has been the company’s hallmark since its founding. At SAN MAR, they believe success is the result of hard work, an aggressive style, demand for excellence, and above all, a commitment to each individual owner’s goals and objectives. SAN MAR is proud of Maple Grove Apartments environmentally-friendly achievements and Mid Valley Disposal’s award for City of Fresno’s Recycler of the Year.

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