Marine Essentials Launches Anti-aging Health Supplement Marine-D3

  • Date: Apr 29, 2013
  • Category: Health

Marine Essentials, a leading health supplement company launches its anti-aging product Marine-D3 for customers. Continue reading


Apr 29, 2013 /prREACH/ -- At a time when people are in search of ways to have younger looking skin and an ageless face, Marine Essentials has launched an anti-aging health supplement Marine-D3 that will bring huge relief for many people. Capitalizing on the increasing demand for treatments that support healthy aging, Marine Essentials has found the answer from the depths of the ocean. Marine-D3 is inclusive of Calamarine, Seanol-P and vitamin D3 which establishes the healthy aging and overall support effect. The ingredients work by reducing the toxins in the body regularly thereby, reducing the process of aging quickly.

"Seanol-P works at the cellular level slowing down the main causes of aging and disease. This anti-aging product prevents the cells from starving by supplying micro-nutrients. It also removes the toxins and frees radicals in the body that have been accumulating for many years. In addition, it also supports healthy “good” inflammation while working at minimizing excess inflammation which contributes to the aging of the skin, heart, and eyes. This product is an answer to a lot aging issues."

Marine-D3 has the combination of three strong anti-aging sea ingredients that are best in rejuvenating and repairing the skin. Calamarine works as an omega-3 fatty acid that has massive amounts of DHA; which is the perfect strain of Omega-3 for you body. Seanol-P helps in reducing triglycerides and increasing energy levels in the body. In addition, Calamarine enables the consumption of Seanol-P, making it easier for the soak the benefits of this anti-oxidant. Vitamin D enables the body to maintain weight and is a natural supplement for ensuring a stronger immune system in the body.

Marine Essentials is unearthing the discoveries from deep below the ocean's surface to restore the health of a person.  Visit the Marine Essentials Amazon Webstore today to receive a 10% discount on any Marine-D3 package by entering coupon code IKHXUSBQ at checkout (restrictions apply).

Marine Essentials is a research based supplements company that works on finding cutting edge ingredients to provide health supplement formulas. The team of selected and best researchers, scientists and manufacturers strive hard to provide long term solutions to anti-aging.

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"This stuff will keep you young. I am 79 years old, in one week I have notice a difference in my mental state and my physical state. I sleep better and feel better. Where has this stuff been all my life!!!"
- Fred T., Amazon Customer
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