Marine Essentials Releases D-Stress Mist, A Natural Way to Relieve Stress

  • Date: May 23, 2014
  • Category: Health

D-Stress Mist is an oral spray by Marine Essentials which has a unique combination of B-complex vitamins with a calming herbal extract. This dietary supplement product is the new generation of B Vitamins that provides all its benefits, plus the highest level of activity, penetration into tissues, organs and cells and metabolic availability through the convenience of an oral spray.

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May 23, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Marine Essentials Offers D-Stress Mist to Effectively Get Rid of Stress.  A lot of people experience different types of stress in their life. It may be due to some problems at work, with their family, or other things that provide problem and worries. Due to the risks posed by stress, is has become imperative for individuals to find ways on how they can get rid of it. Marine Essentials is proud to offer their newest and most effective stress reliever product -- D-Stress Mist.

Marine Essentials designed D-Stress Mist for people who can no longer handle stress in their life and believe this can help them overcome all the negative effects associated with being stressed. Marine Essentials aims to improve the lives of many people by offering them the most effective solution to getting rid of their stress.

D-Stress Mist is a spray product that is supplemented by Vitamin B complex and Vitamin C. Individuals need Vitamin B complex like Vitamin B6, folic acid, adaptogen and Vitamin B12 when they are stressed. It has also been supplemented with an adaptogen herbal extract of no less than 14 different types of herbs that are reported to have effective and safe calming effect in the body while supporting the immune and circulatory systems.

People who are stressed are more prone to depression, illnesses and fatigue. That is why they need to acquire huge amount of nutrients in the body. Most of these nutrients can be found in D-Stress Mist, which the developers claim is proven effective when it comes to replacing lost nutrients in their body when stressed.

With the spectacular and healthy effects that D-Stress Mist provides, more people, particularly those who are really stressed, would be given an immediate and effective relief without affecting the functionality of the systems of their body.

D-Stress Mist also contains a smooth and very pleasant chocolate tasting spray.

Those interested in experiencing the benefits of D-Stress Mist Spray can receive a 10% discount today at the Amazon Webstore by visiting To receive a 10% discount on any D-Stress Mist Spray package, enter coupon code DSTRES14 at checkout.

For more information about this D-Stress Mist from Marine Essentials, visit or Contact: Ed O’Keefe Company: Marine Essentials Address: Chicago, Illinois Websites:; Tel. No.: 877-436-3824 Fax No.: 773-779-3471 Email: [email protected]


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