Massage Gun for Athletes Aids in Performance & Recovery, Says Brand

  • Date: Jan 10, 2020
  • Category: Health

WeEnergize recently commented on the athletic performance benefits of massage. The company’s massage gun is available on Amazon.


Silver Spring, Maryland, Jan 10, 2020 /prREACH/ -- WeEnergize, a noted manufacturer of sports massage products, commented recently on the benefits of massage for sports and fitness training. The company recently launched its massage gun for athletes on Amazon. According to the brand, the handheld deep-tissue percussion massage gun comes with an ultra-quiet feature, long battery life, and eight percussive massage heads. The nine-speed gun also measures body temperature and heart rate.

Terry Johnson, the senior spokesperson for WeEnergize, says, "Many workout enthusiasts end up being victims of an ancient myth that pain is gain. However, scientists have established that the recovery process post-workout is critical to increasing muscle size, tone and improving athletic performance. Technologically advanced products for home-use have been developed with this concept in mind. A good example is the deep tissue massager that employs percussive technology to boost the flow of blood as well as relieve painful muscles."

Physical conditioning inevitability results in tiny tears in the muscle tissues. If one does not allow sufficient recovery time between workouts, muscles can become inflamed and swollen, increasing fatigue and reducing performance gains over time.

"A percussion massager boosts the recovery process, allowing the body to adapt to any strenuous activity while helping the athlete achieve the desired results without varying the intensity or the frequency of the workout sessions," Johnson says. Getting enough rest and having an adequate supply of protein in the diet have also been shown to aid in the recovery process.

"Deep tissue massage is beneficial for the body in many, many ways. It can relieve pain and reduce stress. For athletes and fitness enthusiasts, massage helps boost performance by increasing blood flow to the muscles and encouraging a quick recovery. But not everyone has the time or money to spend on regular massage therapy. That's why we created our deep tissue massage gun that anyone can use at home," Johnson concludes.

Anyone interested in more information about the massagers for neck and back from WeEnergize should visit the company's Amazon storefront.



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