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Sven Sperling, founder and owner of TAB different GmbH, is launching a new way to experience nature with luxury — the Mega Driving Experience. This combination makes for a once in a lifetime experience in international locations. Continue reading


May 04, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Sven Sperling, founder and owner of  TAB different GmbH, an event agency specializing in premium off-road events that promote the most luxurious off-road vehicles in the world, is launching a brand-new Mega Driving Experience. Sperling says, "We offer very exclusive, customized driving experiences. Together with you, we create a once in a lifetime experience where exclusivity meets nature and luxury."

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The Mega Driving Experience offers unique driving tours, pairing nature with luxury at the highest level. Each trip starts at the international airport in the client's destination. From arrival to departure at the airport, all expenses are included (apart from alcohol and souvenirs). The tour consists of hotel, transport, possible additional airfares with private jet or helicopter, food, non-alcoholic drinks, fuel, entrance or any other fees. Experienced guides, instructors and qualified technicians also join the tour in the case of any unforeseen challenges.

Tour participants can enjoy exclusive access to locations inaccessible to the public. Sperling explains, "As an example, in Tunisia, we drive through Sahara's dunes where there are no tracks. We stay in the middle of nowhere overnight, with no cellphone reception, and we drive through areas normally restricted to military use only."

Participants can feel the adrenaline rush of the German Autobahn, where there are no speed limits. Or in France, take the Castle-Gourmet-Convertible tour with cars such as the Mercedes AMG S63, BMW M8, BMW i8 Roadster, Audi TTS and Mercedes AMG GT C Roadster. Or adventure through the ice of Sweden, see wild reindeer, go on a husky safari, ice fish, or take part in a Swedish sauna and hotpot.

"We promise that the moment you have experienced one trip with us, you won't want to wait to join the next extraordinary journey. Our tours are limited to 8 to 12 participants and are extremely popular. You don't want to miss this amazing opportunity, sign up to our waiting list today," says Sperling.

To learn more about the Mega Driving Experience or to book the trip of a lifetime, visit the official company website.


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