Metal Detector for Kids Launch Promises Waterproof, Treasure-Finding Fun


The National Geographic Junior Metal Detector is a kid-friendly version of its iconic Pro Series model.

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ASHLAND, OR, Sep 10, 2019 /prREACH/ -- The National Geographic Junior Metal Detector for Kids has now launched. This exciting product follows the successful release of the National Geographic Pro Series Metal Detector.

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Studies show that youngsters are more likely to stay inside today than they were 20 years ago. The National Geographic Junior Metal Detector represents an effort to counter this trend, providing children the inspiration to explore outside.

A spokesperson says, "It’s designed to be an extremely fun, exciting, and innovative metal detector for kids who want to get out and explore. This is not only a really fun exercise for kids, but for parents as well. And kids can also learn about the history of metal detectors, how the coils on the detectors work to find metal buried underground, and much more in the full-color learning guide that’s included. It’s super easy to use and very lightweight, providing tons of fun for families!"

The Junior Metal Detector is specifically designed to be easy for children to use. It weighs about 1.4 pounds and features a comfort strap, telescoping arm, and waterproof dual coil. An LED light and speaker creates an exciting visual and auditory alert when the detector finds metal, which can be sensed as deep as one foot below the surface.

Holding true to National Geographic’s long commitment to education, the Junior Metal Detector also comes with a full-color learning guide that explains some of the history of the metal detector and its usages.

The release of this kid-friendly product follows the successful reception of the original National Geographic Pro Series Metal Detector, which has garnered significant positive reviews from customers. Now, children can experience for themselves the joy and excitement of finding treasure.

Those interested in beginning the hunt for gold coins or lost objects can visit the National Geographic Junior Metal Detector Amazon listing.


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