Mining Wealth With Christian Bartsch


Munich, Germany: Christian Bartsch, a noted cryptocurrency specialist has recently launched
Mine Your Wealth, a niche investment service that helps people become early adopters in the
cryptocurrency industry.

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Mar 23, 2018 /prREACH/ -- With so many people taking a recent interest in the cryptocurrency industry Christian Bartsch aims to offer a solution that the consumer can understand. Cryptocurrency is the current topic-du- jour in the finance industry, with even the layperson being interested in learning more about it. This trend has further been boosted by Facebook’s recent move that blocks anyone from advertising about cryptos on the site. This move has not only legitimized cryptos as a form of investing but it has also gotten rid of any of the people out there trying to take advantage of the uninformed crypto enthusiast.

Bartsch, an early adopter of cryptocurrency himself, wanted to find a solution for people that want to get involved but are not sure where to start. In a recent interview at a large scale business event in Los Angeles, California with Steve Wozniak, the two discussed the need for more education in the cryptocurrency space so that the average person could have a better understanding of how it works, if it is right for them and how to get involved. In that interview, Wozniak commented on Bartsch's educational and information business and how it was exactly what people, who are looking to get into the crypto space, needed.

Through ‘Mine Your Wealth’, Bartsch is leveraging his extensive experience within the industry to provide information and education for individuals and other parties looking to invest in this rising sector. The 3-Day mastermind course is geared towards educating the layperson about investing, trading and mining - helping them understand both the benefits and risks involved in the crypto world and assisting them in making informed decisions which will aid them in creating a financially sound investment. For more information on Christian Bartsch, his programs, and his work, please visit the Mine Your Wealth’s official website.

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With e-currency based on cryptographic proof, without the need to trust a third party middleman, money can be secure and transactions effortless
- Satoshi Nakamoto
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