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    New Background Check Tool Can Be Accessed Via Smartphones With SearchQuarry.com

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    Smartphone users can now access SearchQuarry.com’s New Background Check Tool for screening dates, social media friends, neighbors & acquaintances.

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    SearchQuarry (SearchQuarry.com), a U.S.-based public records resource utility, created to assist in locating public records information via the Internet, has launched its new and improved mobile background check tool. Accessible via https://www.searchquarry.com/background-check, the background check online resource can be accessed by any mobile device that has internet access, enabling users to perform a background check on anyone using their smartphone.

    According to ComScore.com and Google metrics, mobile internet usage overtook fixed internet usage in 2014. Since then mobile and smartphone internet usage has continued to increase rapidly. The result is that more people engage with websites on mobile devices and perform the majority of online search queries on smartphones. SearchQuarry.com has tuned into this and focused efforts in creating a mobile-friendly background check tool that can access the billions of public records in a matter of moments.

    Internet access is all that is required to look up anyone’s background records on the fly via SearchQuarry.com’s new and improved background check tool, with associated benefits to include screening potential dating partners, obtaining additional information about Facebook friends, neighbors, acquaintances and more.

    “Background checks are now fully mobile, thanks to SearchQuarry.com’s new and improved mobile background check tool,” explains a company representative. “The tool does exactly as one might expect – it pulls data and allows users to check up on the people they know through name queries and other search protocols. Users can also check up on their contacts with one click, allowing them to see, for example, how many times their friendly co-worker has been arrested, if so applicable.”

    According to SearchQuarry.com representatives, the issue of privacy is gearing up to be “the next big thing in the online economy,” and as such people are now more willing than ever to pay for online services that keep cookies at bay and protect web-based reputations. Further, as social media has become ubiquitous and the Web proliferates, organizations such as SearchQuarry.com see the perception of privacy being “categorically altered,” with some going so far as to say “threatened” and still others arguing that it’s a natural part of the digital evolution.

    “Regardless of where someone stands on the issue of online privacy, social media monitoring and related concerns, much of the information on the Web is shady to say the least,” adds the company rep. “People still want to know that those they’re doing business with, dating or interacting with are trustworthy and not out to harm them. The social web is moving forward at lightning speed, and with services like Facebook, Airbnb, Match, Craigslist and a plethora of others, the gap between virtual and physical worlds is narrowing.

    “Keeping this in mind, the demand for third-party, objective public record information about those we meet on the Web is increasing exponentially, and SearchQuarry.com is catering to those who want this information accessible on-the-go.”

    SearchQuarry.com, can be reached online or by calling (800) 859-7375. For more information or to perform a background check online visit www.SearchQuarry.com.

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    SearchQuarry.com is a public records resource, based in the United States, that has aggregated over 2 billion public records that can be accessed by any device that can access the internet. It consists of a paid member’s area along with several free tools which are created to help locate and access public records online.

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    “Background checks are now fully mobile, thanks to SearchQuarry.com’s new and improved mobile background check tool
    - company representative
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