Mobile Phone Accessories Manufacturer Launches New Website


Veaqee Electronic Company, Ltd, a leading manufacturer of mobile phone accessories, announces the launch of their new website.

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Oct 29, 2014 /prREACH/ -- With the popularity of the latest and greatest smart phones like the iPhone 6 continuously feeding the public's appetite for the latest technology, the demand for mobile phone accessories just keeps growing along with it. Issues such as protecting these high end devices from damage with a durable case, as well as making sure these same power hungry gadgets remain powered up with a suitable charger, the amount of choices can be overwhelming for most. Veaqee Electronic Co., Ltd (, a leading manufacturer of mobile phone accessories in China, understands these issues and recently launched their website to address the concerns many business owners have in deciding on what accessories would be best to sell.

The primary purpose of the new website is to showcase all of the various mobile phone products the company can produce. Ranging from phone cases, chargers, earphones, power banks, screen protectors and even various mobile phone parts for all the major mobile phones, the company is also open to custom requests. Their clientele originate from all over the world so in the past they relied on these very same people to either come visit the factory, or rely upon other options such as making decisions solely through pictures sent through email or samples sent out through air mail. The new website allows the company to more easily present what they can do.

"While our company is growing at a rapid pace, we understood that we were being limited by what we can explain through email, or on the phone", says Viki Wong, sales manager at Veaqee Electronic Company. She goes on further to state, "Our hope is that with our beautiful new website, potential and current customers can quickly assess which product they want and simply place their orders much easier". Being able to constantly update their 'frequently ask questions' database and showcase their latest designs on the homepage are just some of the benefits they can offer to visitors of the new website.

Having been in this business since 2009, the Veaqee Electronic Company has quickly grown to be one of the largest providers of private label mobile phone accessories in the world. With an enthusiastic, vibrant couple running the company, and a very strong vision that focuses on providing the best quality at reasonable pricing, it is not hard to see why the company has garnered high praise in the industry. Their hope is the new website will help project this same vision and attract even more customers from around the world.

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