Muscle Deep Tissue Massager Provides Effective Recovery and Relief

  • Date: Mar 06, 2020
  • Category: Health

Vigorous Innovations’ popular Jigsaw Massage Gun continues its impressive performance. Many athletes have used this muscle deep tissue massager for effective muscle recovery and pain relief. Continue reading


Crowley , TX , Mar 06, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Vigorous Innovations is proud to report that more and more athletes, as well as individuals with active lifestyles, are now relying on its muscle deep tissue massager to speed up muscle recovery and reduce inflammation. This powerful handheld massage gun uses percussive technology to deliver concentrated, rapid, and deep-tissue massage. Optimal results may be achieved by targeting each area or muscle group for between two and three minutes.

"Muscle soreness and stiffness is nothing new for athletes and people who work out regularly. To get relief, many of them spend hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars a month on message therapy or chiropractic treatment," said Justin Robinson, the spokesperson for Vigorous Innovations. "The deep muscle massager from Vigorous Innovations provides an excellent opportunity for them to receive professional-grade recovery and relief at home."

Vigorous Innovations' body deep muscle massager has been developed in consultation with sports scientists. The massage gun comes with six variable-speed options, including a high 2,600-RPM setting. To ensure the best results, users must simply hold the massage gun close to the target area, and glide the percussive massager over the intended area and let the device do its work. The massager also comes with three detachable heads to work deep on healing knots in various areas.

"I absolutely love this product; I use it two to three times per week. I am a huge calisthenics guy, and today I was doing squat cleans and strained my hamstring; it was ridiculously tight, and I had acute pain, so when I got home, I used the Jigsaw, and it relieved all the pain and tightness I had! I've always had issues with muscle recovery and strains, and this tool has made my recovery time so much faster. 11 out of 10 is my rating! Also, all of my friends I've recommended this massage gun to all love it as well," said a highly satisfied user.

To find out more about Vigorous Innovations' Jigsaw Massage Gun, please visit the company's official website or Amazon storefront.



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