Nationwide Secured Capital Launches its “WEBCash™” Partner Program


Professionals will earn referral income from their website, emails, and cleint contacts with this new program.

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Sep 14, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Houston, TX- Nationwide Secured Capital (NSC) today announced the launch of its “WEBCash ™” Partner program. The program enables effortless referral fees paid to financial advisors, estate advisors, loan and title professionals, Reator®s and any website owner, or email newsletter owner who is in contact with the holders of secured loans, annuities, structured settlements, or unwanted life insurance policies. “WEBCash ™” Partners will receive cash whenever NSC makes an investment based on their unique WEBCash ™ Referral Link-whether purchased now or in the future.

Nationwide Secured Capital (NSC) is the leading internet presence and buyer of real estate notes and other cash flow investments. Founding principal of the company, Gene Powers, has said that sophisticated proprietary technology has been developed to track submissions by their active brokers and referrals from select partners from their own websites.

The new “WEBCash™” Partner program launch is based on the formalization of this sophisticated and proven referral and lead tracking software system. This software system permanently tracks leads that a WEBCash ™ Partner brings to NSC and ensures the referral fee is credited automatically and paid to the corresponding partner when an investment closes -- Even if NSC purchase of the investment does not occur for years after the referral lead came in.

The referral partner will automatically receive an email showing the first contact made by every referral from the partners’ website to NSC’s website. Periodically, the partners will receive a comprehensive detailed lead status report for all leads that have been permanently tagged in the database to the corresponding partner. Checks are paid to WebCash™ Partners whenever a referral closes.

Nationwide Secured Capital (NSC) is a well-established brokerage and investment firm specializing in purchase of real estate notes, annuities, and life insurance policy investments in all 50 States. NSC maintains offices in several locations across the US to best serve its clients in all time zones and locations.

For more information or to join the NSC WEBCash ™ Partner Program please go to :

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Lourdes Ceguerra


“It’s a GREAT opportunity for our partners to provide service to their clients and make additional revenue at NO extra cost to their business. We do all the work! We contact the automated lead and continue making followups indefinitely – just as we would on any lead we generate in our own marketing efforts. "
- Gene Powers
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