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Amazon training leader, Amazing, has recently released yet another video tutorial sharing tricks to multiply productivity by three times in just three days. This video has been presented by expert trainers, Isaac Kuhlman and Kirsty Verity.


Austin, TX , Sep 03, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Amazing, a global leader in Amazon business training, is pleased to announce the official release of its newest video titled Amazon FBA Business PRODUCTIVITY Hack - 3 Day Challenge to 3X Results!. Presented by the company’s experts, Isaac Kuhlman and Kirsty Verity, this Amazon FBA video is intended to help Amazon sellers multiply their productivity by three times their current level, within just three days.

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Kuhlman states that many Amazon sellers feel as though they haven't done anything meaningful even after working hard throughout the day. Due to human nature, many have the habit of creating never ending to-do lists without even thinking about what they should really be doing. This is extremely detrimental for the growth of the business, says Kuhlman.

Verity uses a particular exercise to overcome struggles with completing business tasks, which has helped several business owners change the way they approach their business and selling on Amazon.

According to Verity, the approach, called the "Reverse To-Do List", comprises of the following steps:

  • Keep a retrospective log book of what was actually done
  • Bullet-point out exactly what was done
  • Update the list multiple times a day
  • Continue this for three to seven days.

In the video, Kuhlman and Verity give viewers a three day challenge. This challenge requires trainees to document tasks they want to complete for their business over the next three days. On day two, the experts advise viewers to pick one thing from day one that they want to stop doing, and promptly stop doing it. On day three, the trainees are once again required to pick something they don’t want to do. This challenge reveals that the best work people do actually takes longer than they think, says Kuhlman and Verity. They suggest that the solution to this is to allocate the right amount of time to do the "big stuff" that's actually going to drive business forward.

“The solution for this is to pick the top three things that will drive your business forward in a big way in the next 90 days and just do that. And secondly, get yourself an accountability partner that will check in on you to make sure you stick to your goals,” Kirsty said.

For more tips and advice about building a successful business with Amazon, access the free training series available on Amazing's YouTube Channel.


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