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    New Article Educates PR Professionals On the Necessity of a Call To Action

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    A new post published by public relations firm prREACH details the power of including a call to action in a company press release, and how it will lead to increased conversions.

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    San Diego, CA: Digital marketing and public relations firm prREACH recently published a new article which looks to inform its readers as to how a quality press release must be constructed in order to achieve its core purpose. The article, entitled “How to Use Press Release Call to Action to Increase Conversions”, opens with a description of what happens when a reader comes across a press release. Whether that reader is a journalist, a digital tastemaker or a potential client, he or she inevitably pays attention if the press release is compelling, if the content is newsworthy or provides some sort of value. Where does a quality press release need to go from there?

    The article's author continues by exploring what happens once a press release generates attention. The company that published the release will most likely enjoy an uptick in web traffic, and potentially an expansion outside of its current consumer base and into a new audience. However, that interest is most likely only one goal of a press release. While a press release is a tool of information and not sales, it must still include a call to action, the element that suggests a next step to the reader.

    The prREACH article goes on to offer ten hints for how a press release writer can craft a compelling call to action. Those hints range from taking the time to understand the potential buyer who might be activated by a press release, to the use of strong action words, to the necessity of including a sense of urgency behind the message. In addition to these hints, the article also includes several sample calls to action the reader can utilize right away.

    The article concludes with a look at how the reader can take these tips and hints and put them to good use in future press releases. This section includes suggestions for first steps to take, such as outlining the goals and objectives of a press release, as well as the necessity of taking the time to understand the audience of a press release. First and foremost, a press release is meant to be seen by the media, who in turn will share the release with an expanded audience. While a business owner is certainly hoping that consumers take notice and become customers, that first reader cannot be forgotten. If a press release isn't compelling to a member of the media, it will never reach that expanded group. This section of the article details the intentions behind a press release, as well as how a clearly defined goal can make a solid call to action that much stronger.

    Click the link to read the article in its entirety - http://prreach.com/blog/how-to-use-press-release-call-to-action-to-increase-conversions/

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    If a press release isn't compelling to a member of the media, it will never reach that expanded group.
    - prREACH CEO Robert Burns
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