New Biohacking Podcast Takes The #2 Spot On iTunes

  • Date: Sep 10, 2014
  • Category: Health
summary has announced that that the Exerscribe Biohacking podcast designed by Kusha Karvandi has taken the #2 spot on iTunes with stunning reviews. These free podcasts include insights into work out planning, and alternative diet and nutrition tools that can change the way that many dieters view themselves and their techniques.

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Sep 10, 2014 /prREACH/ --, which provides free podcasts through the iTunes channel with high grade informational content, has announced that their Exerscribe Biohacking podcast rank has been pushed to #2 on the website. The fitness and nutritional guidance portrayed through the recordings is interspersed with words of wisdom regarding alternate methods for health success using biohacking and other personalized tools. Kusha Karvandi, creator of the new biohacking podcast has the following to say on this latest success:

"Biohacking is about discovering the best shortcuts to results. That's the essence of what this Podcast is about."

The podcasts influence listeners and viewers to use provided shortcuts, as well as to create their own using custom workout plans, clean eating, and a natural approach to weight loss that has long been forgotten since the introduction of modern equipment, supplements, and other dietary aids. The concepts and ideas give convenient and approachable methods for conquering unhealthy lifestyles and building brand new strategies for handling roadblocks that are keeping people from meeting their fitness expectations.

Each podcast is an individual download, giving listeners the ability to follow up on past recordings or follow new information as it is created and published. As listeners enjoy these educational and personable sources of fitness ideas, they can review and rate the podcasts individually or in their entirety to express their opinions on the subject matter. This type of exchange is often considered a booster for those producing the content, as it acts as an intermediary between listener and creator to bring across specific needs or encouragement from listeners. Patrick Jackson, a listener who reviewed the podcasts on their iTunes sales portal had the following to say in regards to his experience:

"I felt like a slug before this podcast kicked my butt into shape. It wasn't through pressure or guilt, though. Listening to this amazing information inspired me."

Podcasts are watched, rather than just listened to, and each one provides a thought-provoking interview with a professional in the field of nutrition, health, fitness, muscle building, weight loss or other categories of healthy living. This supplies viewers with the opportunity to not only hear what one person has to say in regards to toning up and getting fit, but also what other biohacking experts have to say on the matter.

Exerscribe has been described by reviewers as being far different from other online information resources, especially in the weight loss and health industry. The unique approach to interviewing and reporting personally with each professional seems to make it easier for listeners to take the information seriously and to believe what they are hearing, which in turn makes it easier to lose weight with the knowledge being gained.

For questions and concerns regarding Exerscribe or this press release, please use the following contact information:

Full Name: Kusha Karvandi E-mail Address: [email protected]

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Kusha Karvandi

"Biohacking is about discovering the best shortcuts to results. That's the essence of what this Podcast is about."
- Kusha Karvandi
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