New Boar Bristle Hair Brush Promotes Healthy Hair Care the Natural Way


Chibello’s new boar bristle hair brush and comb set is helping families maintain their hair care in a natural way. The hair brush improves texture and shine while promoting hair growth. Continue reading

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NEEDHAM , MA, Sep 25, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Chibello, the brand behind premium products for everyday use, is providing an all-natural take on hair care for families everywhere. The brand’s newest product, a boar bristle hair brush set, has recently launched on the Amazon marketplace, and it has received several positive reviews from families seeking natural beauty and household alternatives to date.

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Designed to be used by the entire family, Chibello’s boar bristle hair brush revives natural shine and restores texture, carrying the hair’s natural oils, and coats each strand with sebum. According to experts, this significantly helps to repair hair and add shine, plus stimulates the scalp to increase blood flow and promote hair growth. In addition, boar bristle hair brushes are proven to reduce frizz and improve texture.

A spokesperson for the brand says: “A great hair day is a Chibello brush away! We are very pleased to have designed this new hair brush for entire families. It is made of 100% natural and eco-friendly materials, with real board hair plus bamboo. It is completely plastic free and biodegradable. Our goal is to help families live a more natural, holistic lifestyle while improving their hair care with this brush.”

Boar bristle hair brushes have been used for centuries as an effective way to naturally care for hair, says the brand. This is largely due to its main component, keratin, which is a compound found in human hair.

Chibello’s natural hair brushes for women and men has been designed to expand on its natural capabilities, with its wide bamboo paddle for a convenient and easy grip, along with a premium box design included with the set for gifting purposes. As a welcomed bonus, the set includes a wooden detangling comb for added benefit.

The brand says that its new product should be used daily, in the morning and night, and brushing should be carried out in a downwards motion to preserve the natural direction of hair.

Intended for use by both adults and toddlers, the brush has received positive feedback from Amazon shoppers, with one stating in her review:

“This is amazing. Came with two different types of brushes and does wonders for my hair. I am trying not to wash my hair everyday and use more dry shampoo. This makes my hair silky smooth.”

For more information about Chibello’s line of products, visit its official website or Amazon storefront.



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