New Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel Coupon Announced by Xtreme Comforts

  • Date: Jul 18, 2019
  • Category: Health

Xtreme Comforts is now offering a coupon for Amazon shoppers purchasing their new cooling gel memory foam pillow. This gel infused pillow is hypoallergenic, breathable, adjustable, and provides a cooling sensation.


BRONXVILLE, NY, Jul 18, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Xtreme Comforts, an experienced manufacturer of high-quality sleeping accessories, has just introduced a discount coupon for its recently launched new gel memory foam pillow. The company says that this coupon can be used by Amazon shoppers to receive healthy discounts on its newest addition to its sleeping products line.

More information about Xtreme Comforts' new gel infused pillow and coupon can be found at

This pillow offers a wide range of advanced features to ensure sound and comfortable sleep for back, stomach, as well as side sleepers, consisting of industry leading technology and materials used to design an effective pillow for most individuals, says the company.

Announcing the official launch of the coupon, a senior spokesperson from Xtreme Comforts, Karen Barr, states, “We are extremely pleased to offer you a great discount coupon that can be used now by Amazon shoppers to purchase our new cooling pillow. Please visit our Amazon store to find out more about this discount."

Numerous studies show that sleep plays an essential role in human health and wellbeing. However, loss of sleep is a common problem in modern society, says Barr, and ongoing lack of sleep can very easily lead to emotional difficulties, excessive daytime sleepiness, obesity, poor job performance, and a lowered perception of quality of life. Common causes of sleep deprivation include illness, erratic work schedule, medications, inappropriate sleeping environment, and poor sleep hygiene, and Xtreme Comforts emphasizes that its products can help mitigate many of these problems.

The gel infused memory foam pillow from Xtreme Comforts has been designed to create the best possible sleeping environment for users. The product’s gel-infused polyester fiber maintains proper airflow and extracts heat out of the pillow to create a cooling effect. This cooling can be enhanced further by using these pillows in tandem with a cooling mattress pad or memory foam mattress topper, the company says. In order to solve the common problem of sagging of pillows, Xtreme Comforts has used premium quality, cross-cut shredded memory foam in addition to the gel fiber. As a result, Xtreme Comforts claims that these pillows are more likely to maintain their shapes over a longer period of time.

According to reports, different individuals prefer a range of pillow thicknesses while sleeping. This is why pillows with a fixed thickness may not suit all types of users, and Xtreme Comforts has addressed this problem by delivering an adjustable pillow that allows individuals to alter the firmness or softness by adding or removing the fill. In addition, the memory foam used in this product is CertiPUR-US certified, making the pillows flame retardant, hypoallergenic, and completely free of hazardous chemicals.

More about Xtreme Comforts' new gel infused memory foam pillow and coupon can be found at the company’s official website and Amazon storefront.


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