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    Newborn care specialist Chelsea Vail, and founder of That Girl With Whole Heart, announces a new series of video courses aimed at new parents.

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    Chelsea Vail, newborn care specialist and founder of That Girl With Whole Heart, announces a new series of video courses aimed at new parents.

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    Austin, TX: Chelsea Vail, the Newborn Care Specialist, Parenting expert & Celebrity Nanny, has announced the launch of an exclusive series of video classes on newborn care, as well as positive parenting tips for toddlers. It’s a move that will prove of interest to growing families across the country, as well as other countries throughout the English-speaking world.

    The course, which launches on her website March 14th, was devised following the overwhelming response for Vail’s blog as a mother of twins, specialist in care for newborn babies, and veteran to the tricky world of toddlers through her wide range of professional experience with this age group. It offers parents the chance to learn from her skills and experience without having to pay larger one-off consultancy fees, representing a more affordable everyday solution for parents of every income percentile.

    The service focuses on easy to learn concepts, teaching them through easily absorbable video content. It’s aimed at correcting a full range of undesirable or challenging behavior, including talking back, aggression, hitting, tantrums and whining, as well as anxiety, sibling rivalry and refusal to do chores or homework. It provides a solid approach to everything from pregnancy to newborn care, the terrible two’s and everything that comes with toddlers and beyond, right through to advice for picking the right nanny.

    The course promises to be an invaluable and convenient resource for any parents looking for expert baby advice and positive parenting tips.

    About Chelsea Vail

    Chelsea Vail is one of America’s foremost experts in both newborn care and in raising kids. She holds a BS in Child Development from UNT and an MA in Professional Counseling with an emphasis in Play Therapy from Texas State. She resides in Austin, Texas, where she works as a Newborn Care Specialist, Parent Coach and Celebrity Nanny. She is the founder of ThatGirlWithWholeHeart.com and ShopWholeHeart.com, providing swaddles, non toxic toys, puzzles, baby clothing, diapers, humidifiers and other baby-related products and parenting support services. She’s also a mother of twins and an active blogger. Her blogs cover a broad spectrum of issues, from infertility, pregnancy and parenting to motherhood. For more information on Chelsea Vail, visit ThatGirlWithWholeHeart.com

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    Few people have the credibility and intense training that I have completed. My blog also showcases the realities of being a twin mother, and I welcome people to connect with me
    - Chelsea Vail
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