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    Newly Released Fairy Lights Getting High Marks on Amazon

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    Having recently released their new product, Fairy Star Lights on Amazon, Frux Home and Yard have been receiving several top reviews from Amazon shoppers for the product. The lights have been reviewed by 63 customers as of September 2, 2014 and have so fair maintained a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating.

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    Among the many features that persons have been lauding in their reviews, include the lights' versatility, their brightness and their aesthetic appeal. The Fairy Star Lights are comprised of thin, visible copper wire string, tiny 360° Sparkle LED bulbs which give off warm white light and a UL Certified DC power adapter. The lights are said to be designed with safety in mind and present endless decorating possibilities. One reason for this is the fact that the lights are waterproof and can therefore, be used for indoor and outdoor decorating ventures.

    Fairy lights are known as mainly Christmas lights but have been used for many decorative applications due to the ambiances that they help to create. However, some fairy lights are limited, either because of their lenghth or that they are made specifically for indoor usage. Measuring 47 feet in length, the Fairy Star Lights from Frux Home and Yard are said to be extra-long when compared to other copper wire LED string lights and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, they can be used rolled up or extended, making them suitable for use in all kinds of spaces.

    Customers who bought the product have been providing feedback about what they like about the lights:

    "Beautiful! Fairy lights is the perfect description. They look like fireflies", said Marcos and Jill Perez. "I put them in a ball jar and will hang it outside as lighting on my patio. The packaging was nice, the lights are of high quality and simple to use and once you turn them on you won't be disappointed."

    "I bought these lights to frame my daughters vanity mirror in her bedroom, to add a touch of whimsy and ambiance. I love these lights. It's amazing how bright the small points of light are and I love the way it makes the copper wire glow. It's a great way to add some visual interest with light." J King, another reviewer also stated.

    Many other reviewers have left similar comments, leaving five star reviews to denote their satisfaction with the product and the customer service they received. The Fairy Star Lights sold by Frux Home and Yard come with a special bonus offer of a sample decorative paper moon lantern and a free 'AA' battery adapter for use in places where an electrical outlet is not available.

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