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    No Regrets Personal Training Release eBook With 101 Workouts For Optimal Strength and Fitness

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    Based off over 12 years of practical application, research and education, the Little Black Book of Training Secrets contains over 130 pages outlining the best exercises, methods and programs to not just improve movement skills but strength, speed and power. Released by No Regrets Personal Training, this eBook outlines 101 unique training programs for a host of different requirements such as rehabilitation, sports performance and general fitness.

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    No Regrets Personal Training owner/operator, Nick Jack, said the Little Black Book of Training Secrets focuses on the importance of a well thought out, needs specific and varied program to make significant and long-lasting changes to a person’s body and overall level of function.

    “Far too many people use the same exercises, same sets and same reps every single workout and wonder why things do not change. Others change their exercises all the time but never change their method. Sports people are often following a body building program that will not only worsen performance but potentially cause injury. This fantastic resource has been broken into specific chapters so the reader can easily find what is relevant to their current goals and needs,” said Mr. Jack.

    “There is a real lack of education and knowledge about effective ways to train, with so many people blinded by the emphasis on calorie expenditure, and ignorant to the importance of improving movement, strength and health vitality. The Little Black Book of Training Secrets encompasses as many different health and fitness goals as possible and shows people how to make exercise fun, safe and constantly challenging to force the body to change. But most importantly it shows people how to train smarter and not harder.” Mr. Jack explains.

    While the book covers a host of different needs, it has a strong emphasis on the importance of functional movement. Following years of practical application in his own studio, No Regrets Personal Training, Nick Jack has witnessed firsthand that teaching movement patterns and learning efficient ways to move is the fastest and most effective way to make a person stronger.

    “A big part of the No Regrets successful rehabilitation and sports programs are based on a movement based style of training. This is how the human body is designed to move efficiently. By adopting this training style, it raises the body’s ability to handle life’s requirements. As a result the stronger, faster and more powerful the body become. Not from training more or harder, but smarter”, said Mr. Jack.

    Inspired by the results from clients at No Regrets Personal Training, the Little Black Book of Training Secrets contains 101 unique programs. In addition, the e-book is easy to navigate thanks to individual chapters that provide a summary of the key characteristics, fundamentals, guidelines and general rules for each program. Chapters in the Little Black Book of Training Secrets are as follows;

    • Strength Training and Why It Is So Important
    • Strength Training Advanced Programs
    • Functional Strength Training
    • Core Strength Training
    • Older Adults Training
    • Rehabilitation
    • Sports Specific Training
    • Postural Correction
    • Running
    • Cycling & Triathlon
    • Weight Loss

    For more information, please visit: http://www.noregretspt.com.au/index.php/resources/blog/43-2014/241-101-workouts-the-little-black-book-of-training-secrets

    To download, please visit: https://shop.noregretspt.com.au/au/Little-Black-Book-of-Training-Secrets-eBook/p/76769

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