Noise Reducing Earplugs for Concerts Become Amazon’s Choice


EarPeace’s noise reducing earplugs with hearing protection have recently been chosen as an Amazon’s Choice product. These high-fidelity earplugs are ideally suited for music festivals, DJs, and musicians. Continue reading


Washington, DC, Jul 27, 2020 /prREACH/ -- EarPeace is pleased to reveal that the company's popular noise reducing earplugs have recently emerged as an Amazon's Choice. Explicitly designed to provide hearing protection for music festivals, DJs, and musicians, these earplugs help to deliver crisp, clear sound at a safe volume. Equipped with medium, high and max filters, the product provides in-ear protection for noise reduction. The professional earplugs are small and low profile, making them discreet noise reducers.

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A spokesperson from EarPeace explains, "We outfit EarPeace plugs with medium, high and maximum noise reduction filters. The medium and high filters are high fidelity, evenly lowering the sound pressure across frequencies. The max filter is a total block filter for when you need to really turn down the volume. Each filter set performs differently to fit your specific needs."

The silicone earplugs from EarPeace have a dual-flange design that gently seals the ear with no hard edges. Regardless of whether users are making music or dancing to it, the soft, hypoallergenic and reusable earplugs can help keep them comfortable. To keep the earplugs safe and clean, each product is supplied in a milled aluminum case. EarPeace is pleased to say, "Metallica, RedBull and Lollapalooza use our earplugs as their concert ear protection of choice."

The earplugs are certainly proving popular with customers. One satisfied user explains further in his Amazon review. He says, "I bought these for the Zumba Instructor Network Convention in Orlando this year, and they worked as advertised. The carrying case is very convenient, and the ability to change out the filters was amazing. Last year, I left the fitness concert early with severe headaches, and my ears didn't stop ringing until late the following day. This year, I popped them in with the max filters, and it was a great experience. I was able to enjoy the concert, but also speak with my friends. I would recommend them to anyone who wants to protect their hearing."

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