Norman Farrar Hosts Entrepreneur, Frank Sell, on New Podcast Show


Norman Farrar interviews business mogul and entrepreneur, Frank Sell, on his latest podcast show dubbed “I Know This Guy.” Sell is the brains behind top brands such as Baby Beard Club and Armored Up Man. Continue reading


Jul 09, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Norman Farrar introduces Frank Sell on his latest "I Know This Guy" podcast produced by his son, Hayden Farrar. Sell is an entrepreneur and a founder of brands such as Baby Beard Club and Armored Up Man. He shares the details, his successes and failures and how the journey has been so far.

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Sell says, "... that came through, you're just honoring the process. The people that I've met on Home with the Hustle, they convinced me to go ahead and start my brand, which was Baby Beard Club, originally, and it still is, and through that, I was going to some other networking events and social media influencers and so on."

Sell shares with Farrar who he is as a person and some of the wise decisions he has made along the way. He also sheds light on perseverance as a critical trait in his success journey and what it takes to be a tradesman, an entrepreneur and a manager in a competitive business environment. Farrar and Hayden enquire how Baby Beard Club started, his next big product, his most significant successes and failures and relevant advice he would give to business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs looking to grow their brands.

"It doesn't matter, what whatever happens, just go get it done. And so, like in high school, I knew that further higher education was not a good investment for me. So I better teach my hands a trade. And so you know growing up in that self-employment environment. My dad was a mechanic. He worked on semis and tractors. It's what can I teach my hands to do to go out and earn an income? And so that's what I did."

Farrar is an online marketing expert, seasoned speaker and podcast show host who hunts for real-life stories that are relevant, eye-opening, and applicable to help people establish brands and build companies through his podcast.

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