Norman Farrar Interviews Matthew Shedd on His New Podcast, “I Know This Guy”


Norman Farrar recently had the opportunity to speak with Matthew Shedd on the latest episode of his podcast, “I Know This Guy.” Over the course of the podcast series, Farrar and his son, Hayden, explore the captivating life stories of the people they interview.


Jul 20, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Popularly known as “The Beard Guy,” Norman Farrar is a networker who has been a self-made entrepreneur for thirty years. He is an Amazon, e-commerce, branding, and online marketing expert, and now an avid podcaster. Farrar launched his podcast to share the inspiring stories of the most successful people he has met over his years in business. A new episode is released every Tuesday, and recently, Farrar interviewed Matthew Shedd.

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In the podcast, Shedd explains that he was born in Japan into a Foreign Service family. As a result of his father’s job, his family had to move every two to three years. After graduating high school in England in the early 1980s, he wanted to go out and work on an oil rig in the North Sea instead of going to college. Dropping out of Florida State University in his freshman year, Shedd then joined the US Army Special Forces, where he served for over 16 years.

Shedd speaks about his time serving as a peacekeeper after the Rwandan genocide and the days he spent in Germany after the Berlin Wall came down, both pivotal times in history. He says that the most defining aspect of his life has been living in other countries with diverse cultures and meeting different types of people.

“The Berlin Wall came down; we were there when the wall came down. That was fascinating. At the time, I was in a special unit that was operating in East Germany; there was a special agreement after the war that allowed an unarmed contingent to do overseas reconstruction,” Shedd explains.

After serving in the US Army Special Forces in the US and Germany, Shedd transitioned to a second career in the Foreign Service, working and living in the US, Bosnia, Estonia, China, Rwanda and Poland. Though he retired from the federal government in 2015, Shedd continues to work intermittently as a contractor and volunteers for the employee association, where he mentors up-and-coming Foreign Service officers.

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