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Popular online business podcast “Lunch With Norm” will host Steven Pope, Paul Baron, and Shane Oglow in the upcoming week. This show shares tips and tools from eminent business leaders to help small business owners. Continue reading


Fort Lauderdale, FL, Apr 12, 2021 /prREACH/ -- "Lunch With Norm" continues the tradition of inviting the most prolific business leaders to its popular podcast. On the week of April 12, the show will host Steven Pope, Paul Baron, and Shane Oglow. "Lunch With Norm" invites three skilled business leaders every week to share business tools and strategies. Renowned entrepreneur and mentor Norman Farrar hosts the show.

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Monday's show features returning guest Steven Pope. He is the founder of My Amazon Guy. After starting his career as a TV reporter in Idaho, he worked as an e-commerce director for a decade. During this period, he represented several brands, including Gold & Silver Coins, Women's Plus Size Clothing and many others. Pope is an Amazon consultant and the owner of My Refund Guy and Momstir.

Farrar will welcome Paul Baron on Wednesday. Immensely respected in the business fraternity as a million-dollar seller, Baron has also built his identity as an instructor, ASM5 student, and Chatbot consultant. He is also the founder of Messenger Bot University, which helps generate thousands of subscribers in a week or less without spending a fortune. In a candid conversation with the host, he will discuss the role of brand ambassadors in 2021.

Experienced media consultant Shane Oglow appears on Friday's program. He is the co-owner of prREACH, PR and digital media company. The company helps brands build online authority by utilizing highly effective traffic driving strategies, top-notch content, earned media, and public relations. Oglow also helps Amazon and e-commerce sellers launch and rank their products while generating traffic. He will discuss the power of editorial recommendations and off-site articles during his interview with Farrar. "As always, we have roped in yet another impressive lineup of guests for the next week. I do not doubt that each of these episodes will be a great experience for me as well as the audience," said Norman Farrar.

Small business owners looking for the latest tools and business advice from these successful experts in the online space are invited to join the "Lunch With Norm" Facebook group.

About Norman Farrar

Entrepreneur and businessman Norman "The Beard Guy" Farrar stands at the forefront of the economic mega-machine known as Amazon Marketplace. As a leading expert with over 25 years of product sourcing, development, and branding expertise, Norm is an advisor to many and an inspiration to all.

Throughout his career, he has worked with big brands including Mercedes-Benz, Coca-Cola, Dell, Microsoft, Target, Hershey, 20th Century Fox, Molson's, Cadbury and a wide variety of emerging businesses that are celebrating sudden escalation in profitability and sales as a result of taking action on his advice and proven methods. | | | | | | |

About Steven Pope

Steven is the founder of My Amazon Guy which is a 160+ client full service Amazon Agency in Atlanta, Georgia that growth hack sales through traffic and conversion improvements. PPC, SEO, Design, Catalog Merchandising, and more all in house. | | | |

About Paul Baron

Paul Baron is a Serial entrepreneur, born networker and people-connector, chatbot marketing automation expert, visionary leader and marketing & sales expert. He help develop leaders and realize their dreams. He has a 7-figure e-commerce businesses and can teach others how to do the same. | [email protected] |

About Shane Oglow

He is the President of prREACH, the world's first video press release company and works extensively with, the world's leading Amazon seller training platform. | | | | |


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