Online Negotiation Course for Lawyers Launched by The Negotiation Academy


The Negotiation Academy has officially launched their Master Negotiator Course online, offering much-needed negotiation training to aspiring lawyers worldwide.


Apr 04, 2019 /prREACH/ -- VIENNA, AT: The Negotiation Academy, an initiative by renowned Austrian lawyer, Fulbright scholar and Harvard alumna, Dr. Claudia Winkler, has recently launched the first full semester of its Master Negotiator Course worldwide.

An online negotiation course for aspiring lawyers, the Negotiation Academy’s Master Negotiator Course is the world’s first and only of its kind, aiming to bring the highest standard of legal negotiation training to lawyers on all continents. While negotiation training has been a vital part of the legal education of leading U.S. law schools, education and training on this critical skill is unheard of in most Latin American, European, African and Asian programs.

Millions of young lawyers are graduating from legal programs around the world, education on curriculums that were designed to serve the needs of the legal business of the last century. As such, they have become obsolete, with advanced technology replacing much of their entry-level work. With less technical skill needed on the job, it is imperative that new graduates have the right people skills - communication, creativity, problem-solving, negotiation and collaboration - to thrive in the world of law today.

The Negotiation Academy’s core mission is to expand this type of training so that aspiring lawyers can do just that. According to Negotiation Academy founder, Dr. Claudia Winkler, “Lawyers of tomorrow need to have two skills: Problem-solving and deal making. And those are the two skills that most law schools around the world do not teach. We have not been taught to critically question or creatively problem solve. We have not been taught to understand the underlying business interests of a case or be good listeners and negotiators. Law firms around the world complain that there are too many law graduates, but too few good ones. The Negotiation Academy was created to change this.”

The Master Negotiator Course offers participants three to four months of intensive hands-on training, all online. Specifically tailored for lawyers and law students, participants have the opportunity to engage in a mix of video lectures, expert interviews, peer negotiation exercises, quizzes, forums, reflection papers and debriefing videos. Seven modules cover all aspects of negotiation, including psychology, value creation, value distribution, emotions, preparation and communication.

Over 60 interviews with world-leading practitioners, such as Martin Hunter, Nadja Alexandra and Gary Born, offer participants the opportunity to learn important frameworks and insights of legal negotiation from the very best.To learn more about the Negotiation Academy and the Master Negotiator Course, visit their official website

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Negotiation Academy is an initiative by Dr. Claudia Winkler. Claudia is an Austrian lawyer who has trained lawyers, entrepreneurs, judges, public defenders and students in negotiation and mediation throughout the world, including the US, Europe, Africa, Australia and Asia.
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