Organic Beauty Brand Comments on the Safety of Fragrances in Skincare


Organic beauty brand LuxeOrganix has highlighted the safety of using fragrances in skincare as a part of their marketing campaign promoting the launch of their organic eye cream, now available on Amazon.

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Feb 08, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Mesa, AZ: LuxeOrganix, the organic eye cream brand, has released a new statement regarding the safety of using fragrances in skincare products. Fragrance is often used in skincare lines to entice customers into thinking that it has a greater impact on their skin’s condition, however, research has shown that artificial fragrance can actually cause harm to one’s skin.

According to Christine Kominiak, Co-Founder at LuxeOrganix, “In our range of organic skincare products, including our Brilliant Eyes Bio-Advanced Eye Cream, we have not included fragrance on purpose. This is primarily due to the fact that fragrance is the #1 irritant in skin care products, especially for those who have sensitive skin, and overall are not of great help.”

For people with sensitive skin, it's highly recommended to choose products that do not have any added fragrance. This is especially the case for when a person is looking to buy a natural eye cream because the skin tissue around the eye is very delicate, and therefore extra sensitive. A product with fragrance can cause itching, burning, dryness, amongst other kinds of volatile reactions.

Experts agree that fragrance is one of the most allergenic ingredients used in skincare products as it can also trigger eczema, asthma, headaches, hives, irritations, nausea, and psoriasis. It is however still the norm to find skincare products with fragrance listed as one the main ingredients. This is because people are often attracted to creams and lotions because of their scents; a fragrance free option does not hold mass market appeal. Another reason for this is that many cosmetic products don’t smell appealing without adding any fragrance to them, thus reducing the chances of the unscented products being sold.

However, it is possible for brands to use fragrances that can be used which are non-toxic in nature. One method of doing this is using fragrant natural alternatives such the essential oils of orange and grapefruit, which happen to be key ingredients of LuxeOrganix’s vitamin C face moisturizer. Another way to combat the negative impact of artificial fragrance is to use non-synthetic and phthalate-free fragrance. LuxeOrganix happens to be a brand that understands these concerns and has created products, such as their organic face wash, that do not contain any traces of artificial fragrances that harm the skin. To learn more, visit their official website at

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LuxeOrganix is a luxury skincare brand that uses high-quality, natural ingredients within their formulas. Sulfate and paraben free, their skin care product line includes an organic face wash, eye cream and vitamin C face moisturizer. Find the organic skincare line on Amazon or visit their official website to learn more -

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