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    Patriot Power Greens Ranked #1 Green Juice Drink Powder By HealthAvenger.com

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    Patriot Power Greens came out on top as the #1 recommended greens drink powder after evaluating over 30 superfood green drink powders.

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    Green drinks and juicing are somewhat of a ‘buzz’ subject at the moment. Of course, as soon as a few celebrities are seen to be using them, everyone wants a piece of the action. Due to cost, convenience, lack of clean up and ease of transportation, superfoods green powder drinks are gaining popularity, but like most things, not all of them are created equally. To help consumers wade through the greens juices on the market and to make a better decision, Stan Stevenson of HealthAvenger.com tested over 30 powders and put together their list of the top three recommended ones including Patriot Power Greens which hit the top of the list.

    "With so many green drink powders on the market, it can cost consumers a lot of money to find a drink that is not only good for them but tastes great as well," states Stevenson. "People are always searching for guides and reviews on the Internet and that motivated HealthAvenger.com to put together a comphrensive test and sort out which are the best. There are definitely a lot out there that taste horrible and have no nutritional value, which were definitely left off the recommendation list."

    The superfoods green drinks were scored on the ingredients, health benefits, the nutritional facts, price, taste, how good their customer support is, and reviews from actual customers. Patriot Health Alliance's Patriot Power Greens topped the list in almost every category and was named the best greens drink powder for 2015. Organifi green juice came in a close second with Athletic Greens coming in third.

    "Choosing the best green drink was not a very hard task, except when having to taste and drink the very bad ones. The top 3 listed definitely stood out among the rest, just for the taste and texture alone. The fact that they also have high quality ingredients with great health benefits made the decision easier," continues Stevenson.

    To help people further, HealthAvenger.com put together a greens drink buyer's guide in case consumers want to evaluate their current juicing alternatives. The guide breaks down why one needs a greens drink, what to look for and how to evaluate one to determine if it is good or not. The guide can be found here: http://healthavenger.com/green-drinks-a-buyers-guide

    For those who want to get Patriot Power Greens or want to see the best Greens drink review breakdown they can go here: http://healthavenger.com/best-green-drink-powders

    About Patriot Power Greens:

    Patriot Power Greens is a powerful, great tasting greens drink supplement created by Dr Lane Sebring and Patriot Health Alliance that contains 38 fruits and vegetables and many other ingredients designed to improve one's health.

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