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    Pennsylvania Attorneys Express Concern For Truckers During Holiday Season

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    With the increase in online shopping during the holiday season, truckers, whose responsibility it is to deliver millions of packages, are often pressured into dangerous situations that can result in serious injuries.

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    Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the most exciting days of the year for American shoppers. While some families still carry out the tradition of heading to the store on a bargain hunt, many more find it convenient to sit at home and finish buying gifts for loved ones through online shopping.

    What these online shoppers don’t consider is how their orders will impact the lives of the truckers who will deliver them. While an increase in business is welcomed by employers, the safety of their employees is frequently overlooked. The promise of next day or two-day delivery means that the pressure is on to work longer hours and travel more miles. This places truckers at great risk for several reasons.

    Loading and unloading the cargo means that many will suffer from lifting injuries that damage the muscles and vertebrae in the back. Falls from the cabin or back of the truck are also a frequent occurrence. However, the majority of injuries are sustained through accidents that are typically caused by other drivers who are acting negligently, poorly maintained trucks or trailers, or unstable loads that cause the trailer to tip. In addition to all of this, it’s rare that any employer tells their employee to stop driving due to the poor weather conditions common in winter.

    To top it all off, due to the fact that many truckers cross state lines, collecting workers’ compensation can be difficult. Shockingly, a large number of employers will contest a claim so that their workers’ comp insurance premiums don’t go up. For many, the only option is to contact a workers’ compensation and personal injury attorney as soon as possible. An experienced attorney can fight to preserve evidence, identify multiple ways that coverage can be obtained, and handle communication with the insurance companies, ensuring that the injured truck doesn’t suffer financially as well.

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