PickFu Awards Grants to Businesses Impacted by COVID-19


PickFu has committed $20,000 to help small businesses affected by the coronavirus. 100 selected businesses will receive $200 in PickFu credit to conduct consumer research so that their business ideas will be on a stronger footing as they move forward.


San Francisco, CA, Apr 25, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Last month, PickFu announced it was committing $20,000 to help small businesses facing financial uncertainty in light of the coronavirus outbreak. 100 selected companies will each receive $200 in PickFu credit. This credit might be used to test new marketing messages, validate new product launches, or for any of the other ways PickFu can put business ideas on a firmer footing.

More information can be found at https://www.pickfu.com/covid/

Today, the first batch of these grants has been awarded. "I'm glad we're able to help businesses move forward through these difficult times," said PickFu co-founder, John Li. "It's a small gesture, but hopefully a meaningful one. With so much uncertainty in the business world, market research is one thing that can make entrepreneurs feel some certainty and confidence as they move forward."

Michael Spadaro, one of the first PickFu grant recipients, runs Cork & Mill, a line of home and barware products sold exclusively on Amazon. Once Amazon stopped shipping non-essential items, Spadaro's team shifted its attention to developing new products. "PickFu is instrumental in helping us get feedback from real people during various phases of the design process," Spadaro said. He intends to use his PickFu grant to help in new product launches.

In a similar vein, Rhett Acelar of Historic Prints is also shifting his product focus. He intends to use his PickFu grant to help choose images for new product offerings.

Other grant recipients are using the downturn to acquire new skills. Nikita Barmecha runs EcoRight, a sustainable lifestyle brand. As she and her team look for ways to improve business and regain sales, they intend to use the awarded PickFu credit to enhance the company's current e-commerce listings so that they'll be in a stronger position once things turn around.

"This is just the beginning of the impact we hope to have," said PickFu co-founder, Justin Chen. "It's inspiring to see entrepreneurs so motivated to adapt to our new reality."

PickFu is still accepting applications for its COVID-19 small business grant. Anyone interested should apply at PickFu's official website.


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