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Plastic food containers with lids by Chef’s Path provide the ideal solution to food storage. The brand recently discussed the importance of storing food properly to minimize spoilage and prevent foodborne illnesses. Continue reading


Houston, Texas , Oct 22, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Chef's Path, a company dedicated to providing customers with the ideal solution to food storage, recently discussed the importance of storing food properly. The brand's plastic food containers with lids are both versatile and stackable for maximum kitchen organization.

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"Proper food storage is essential to maintaining the quality and nutritional value of foods you purchase and also helps to make the most of your food budget by preventing possible food spoilage," explains the senior spokesperson for Chef's Path. Additionally, proper food storage can help prevent foodborne illnesses caused by harmful bacteria.

There are three types of food: perishable, semi-perishable and non-perishable or staple. Perishable foods include many raw fruits and vegetables, meat, dairy, and eggs. As well, all cooked foods are considered perishable foods. To store these foods for any length of time, perishable foods need to be held at refrigerator or freezer temperatures. Semi-perishable foods include flour, grain products, dried fruits, and dry mixes and can remain unspoiled for six months to a year if stored in properly sealed containers. Dried beans, spices, and canned goods are all non-perishable foods and often won't spoil unless they're handled carelessly.

The following list describes the main factors that can impact a food's shelf life during storage:

  • The food itself (for example, strawberries can degrade in as little as a day, while potatoes can last for months when properly stored).
  • The freshness and ripeness of the food when purchased. This depends in part on where it was grown and how long it spent in transit.
  • The length of time and the temperature at which it was held before it was bought.
  • The temperature of food storage areas, whether it's the refrigerator, freezer, countertop, pantry, or basement.
  • The humidity level in food storage areas.
  • The type of storage container or packaging the food is stored in, such as glass, plastic, foil, or cloth.

Air can prove to be a source of concern for food integrity. The brand says, "Airtight containers with lids will keep food from drying out, developing freezer burn, getting soggy and absorbing odors." The brand's food storage containers feature a four-sided locking mechanism and silicone seal to ensure containers are 100% airtight and 100% leakproof.

The brand includes a set of reusable chalkboard labels and a whiteboard chalk marker. The brand suggests labeling containers with a description of the contents within and any expiry dates. This will help make sure that food is prepared before it expires, keeping waste to a minimum and saving money.

Amazon customers have been excited to report their satisfaction with airtight containers for food, "I completely redid my pantry using these storage containers, and it looks wonderful! Everything is easily identified, with no more having to look in the container to find what I'm looking for. See-through containers, but the labels are great, too. The lids are easy to open and close, yet they seal tightly to keep the food fresh. I love these so much that I'm planning on purchasing more to go with the eight I already have. My pantry has never looked so good, but it will be even better when I get my new order of another two sets! I highly recommend these for anyone with a pantry."

Those interested in additional information about plastic food containers with lids by Chef's Path should visit its Amazon storefront.


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