Pool Builder, Hot Tubs Martinsburg, WV Dealer Published Tips for Men’s Health Month


Hot Tubs, Pool Builder Martinsburg, WV, Flohr Pools Publishes Three Paths to Men’s Fitness. Offers Free Portable Spa Test Soaks to Local Martinsburg Residents. Continue reading

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Jun 19, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Flohr Pools, a hot tub dealer and pool builder in Martinsburg, WV, Chambersburg, PA, and Hagerstown, MD has just published tips for men’s health.

“According to studies by the CDC, heart disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure, obesity, and even the flu are still triggers that cause premature death in men of all ages,” says Mark Flohr, president of Flohr Pools.

“These are all serious health issues, but they are also all issues that can be controlled, prevented, or, at the very least, thwarted,” continued Flohr. Here are a few paths to men’s fitness that will help close the gap and allow them to live longer and happier lives.

Relax the Mind – Having a positive attitude can get people a long way in life, but it has an excellent health benefit as well. The mind is a powerful tool in keeping people fit and healthy. Allowing stress and frustration to build up causes the minds to work against the body and aggravates health issues. Self-soothing methods like deep breathing exercises may help.

Eat Right – Food can also have as much of an impact on one's mental well-being as it does their physical body. Stress hormones are known for causing belly fat to form, which experts consider the most dangerous form of fat, and stress can also trigger eating desires, so stressed individuals may eat more and gain more weight in the worst possible way.

Soak Away Troubles – Getting a hot tub installed in the home is an effective tool in battling many health issues. Hot tubs are easy to fit into almost any living situation, and cost effective as compared to swimming pools, health club memberships, or even a bath tub. While it is possible to soak in warm water in a tub, and some are equipped with massage jets, the jets in a common house tub are far inferior to the directional power of a hot tub’s soothing jets.

The water in a house tub is difficult to regulate and requires constant refilling to keep it at a steady level. The constant fluctuation of heat defeats the purpose of relaxing in the warmth, and can even be a source of aggravation on its own.

The American Cancer Society lists hydrotherapy and hot water therapy as an excellent source of stress relief and an effective remedy for many ailments. Thomas Allison, M.P.H., Ph.D., from the Mayo Clinic also conducted a study that showed that soaking in a hot tub helps lower blood pressure, and is a great form of exercise for those with health issues that prevent them from getting a workout in a traditional manner. His study highlighted the fact that sitting submerged up to the neck in a hot tub for 30 minutes a day has a similar health benefit to riding a bike.


About Flohr Pools: Pool Builder, Hot Tubs Martinsburg, WV Flohr Pools was originally founded way back in 1968. Over the past 45+ years, they've brought happiness to untold thousands of homeowners in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. Their products include Hot Spring Spas, Doughboy above-ground pools as well as vinyl liner and fiberglass in-ground pools.

They still service everything they sell, with an extensive in-house crew of experts. They also operate year-round retail facilities and showrooms in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia.

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According to studies by the CDC, heart disease, uncontrolled high blood pressure, obesity and even the flu are still triggers that cause premature death in men of all ages.
- Mark Flohr, president of Flohr Pools
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