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Hot Tubs, Pool Builder Winchester, VA, Flohr Pools Publishes 3 Tips for Improving Health and Well-being. Offers Free Hot Tubs and Portable Spa Test Soaks to Local Residents. Continue reading

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Jul 18, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Flohr Pools, a pool builder and hot tub dealer in Chambersburg, PA, Hagerstown, MD and Martinsburg, WV shares “3 Tips for Improving Health and Wellbeing” for National Social Wellness Month.

“While most of us know we have to get healthier and change the way we live, actually doing it sometimes poses a problem," says Mark Flohr, president of Flohr Pools. “One of the biggest difficulties is dealing with the issues of big changes alone.”

“Social wellness month was developed to show people how important having a support group in place, whether amongst friends and family or online, can make a huge difference in the success of achieving a healthier lifestyle,” continued Flohr. Here are 3 tips for improving health and wellbeing that anyone can do.

Enjoy the Process – Like most big things in people's lives, getting healthier is not only about the destination, it is about the journey. No one gets fit and healthy overnight. There is a process that is just as important as the end result. Learn to love the process and accept that it will take time to get to the desired end result.

Understand that there will be failures along the path. Learning to accept occasional failures and picking  up and going on from there is a part of the process of success. Everyone stumbles and falls off the wagon once in awhile whether it is eating too many calories on a diet, or forgetting to exercise for a day. The important lesson is that people are going to have those days. Instead of giving up completely and slipping back into bad habits, success means understanding that it is okay to fail once in a while as long as the next step is to get back on track and moving forward.

Make Small Changes for Big Results – Start out small and increase intensity or length over time. The temptation is to start out big and get results quick. What ends up happening more often than not, whether it is diet or exercise or changing living situations, is that someone tries too much too fast and it  ends up being painful, unsuccessful, or uncomfortable, and so they quit. Start off any lifestyle change gradually and make changes slowly over time for a smooth, easy, and fun way to improve lifestyle or health.

Hot Tubs Can Bring Health Home – Health clubs are nice, but after awhile, many find it tiring to drive to a location after a long day of work, school, or errands. Doing healthy activities such as working out or soaking in hot tubs and swimming at a health club is also a little daunting for those that are less fit than they would like to be. Being able to do all of those things at home makes it a lot more likely people will succeed and keep at them.

It doesn’t have to cost a lot to add simple and effective exercise equipment to the home, and adding a hot tub to a yard, patio, or porch is a simple process that any professional installer can accomplish quickly. Once a hot tub is installed someone can enjoy all of the benefits of the soothing warm water and rolling massage jets at any time of the day or night, whenever there is time and when it is best for their needs. No more fighting traffic to get to a club, and waiting in line for space on equipment or in the hot tub.

Hot tubs provide an excellent resource for relieving stress. They have been shown to help reduce many ailments and are a great place to socialize. Friends and family will love gathering in the hot tub to enjoy a fun night or play during the weekends, and relax before bed every day for a great night’s sleep.

About Flohr Pools Flohr Pools was originally founded in 1968. Over the past 45+ years, they've brought happiness to untold thousands of homeowners in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia. They're products include Hot Spring Spas, Doughboy above-ground pools as well as vinyl liner and fiberglass in-ground pools.

They still service everything they sell, with an extensive in-house crew of experts. They also operate year-round retail facilities and showrooms in Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia and Virginia.

Consumers wanting to get more information about pools are encouraged to download a copy of their free Hot Tub or Pool Buyer’s Guide - at FlohrPools.com or call 717-264-4373

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Social wellness month was developed to show people how important having a support group in place, whether amongst friends and family or online, can make a huge difference in the success of achieving a healthier lifestyle.
- says Mark Flohr, president of Flohr Pools
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