Portable Standing Desk Laptop Stand Makes Remote Work Anywhere Possible, Says Brand


Enjio discusses how its portable standing desk laptop makes working remotely possible. The laptop standing desk is designed for ultimate comfort and productivity, regardless of the user’s physical location. Continue reading


London, England, Mar 04, 2021 /prREACH/ -- Enjio, a workspace solutions designer, shares details on how it helps freelancers and digital nomads work anywhere. The brand's portable laptop standing desk is designed to help work-conscious individuals make the most of each working hour.

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The brand prides itself in providing laptop stand solutions that guarantee comfort and optimal productivity. As such, the team of experts combined thoughtful ergonomic design with light, mobile materials to help users be productive wherever they go and at any time of the day.

"Remote and flexible working is here to stay. We all know that. But what are we doing to make it better?" says a spokesperson from Enjio. "How can we make it easier to get in the zone, stay focused and avoid fatigue while living and working on the go? How can we help you stay in control of your workspace? What if we could keep every tool you needed...light, mobile and flexible?"

The spokesperson continues, "Our vision for the future of work sees humans doing more of what they do best, not less. More demand for creativity. Flexibility. Thoughtfulness and passion. As the landscape of work continues to shift, we see a future where people are freed up to pursue the work that matters to them, in whatever style suits them best."

The brand capitalizes on making remote work as effective as possible. Enjio is determined to focus on these values as a company:

  • Choosing optimism by consistently painting a picture of how things can be better
  • Remaining actively helpful by solving specific problems highlighted by customers
  • Adopting accumulative quality by paying close attention to every detail
  • Fostering useful simplicity by eliminating add-ons and complications when designing products
  • Cultivating enjoyment among users during working hours
  • Being passionate about the process, even when it's tough to deliver products that matter

With Enjio's laptop stand portable solution, workers have access to tools that make it easy to do what they do. Workers enjoy better storage and organization to help declutter and destress.

"We're on a mission to build a tribe, a lifestyle and a hub for all those already embracing the new ways of work and to welcome those who are just dipping in their toes. Every new tribe needs new tools to thrive. We're here to greet those living the new ways of working with open arms and sharper tools for modern living," the spokesperson concludes.

To learn more about the standing desk for remote work from Enjio, kindly visit the company's official website.


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