Premium 35 ft HDMI Cable With 24K Gold Plated Connectors Launched by Herman Pro


Herman Pro, a US-based distributor delivering a broad range of networking and A/V integration products, has launched a 35 ft. HDMI cable, offering versatile applications for A/V professionals. Continue reading


Mar 01, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Herman Pro, a US-based distributor delivering a broad range of networking and A/V integration products, has launched a 35 ft HDMI cable, offering versatile applications for A/V professionals.

HDMI has rapidly emerged as the new standard for digital connectivity. Gone are the days of component video that just doesn’t match the sharpness, color, and picture clarity of an HDMI connection, specifically at higher resolutions.

This new Ethernet cable by Herman Pro provides a high-performance, flexible digital video, audio, as well as control options while removing the complexity, confusion, and cost of the numerous analog cables that are currently used. According to the company, one of the factors that make these new HDMI cables different from the other brands in the market is their highly affordable prices.

Leah, a satisfied customer, said in her Amazon review, “This is a great HDMI cable and for the price, it beats out some of the higher priced ones. This has 4k capabilities and seems to handle it flawlessly! I love that I was able to get a good length cable to run through my wall for such a great price point!”

In addition to being low-cost, this 24k gold plated cable supports the Ultra-High Definition Video (2160p). It is also equipped to play 3D videos, wide-angle theatrical videos (21:9), and 48-bit deep color videos.

These 35 feet HDMI cables by Herman Pro are plated with 24k gold with 19 PIN type A and male-to-male connectors. This makes sure that quality is not lost while transferring audio and video from computers, Apple TV, Blu-ray player, Fire TV, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox 1, and several other HDMI-based devices.

Ever since its launch, this cable has quickly become one of the most popular HDMI cables on Amazon.

Another Amazon customer, Krithy, said, “I was immediately impressed by my purchase when I opened the package. The cords are sturdy and thick and feel like they are made of real quality material. The connectors are solid (no wiggling around) and they plugged right into our TV. My husband was quite thrilled with this product.”

This 4k HDMI cable not only offers best quality video and audio but it also supports high-speed transfer up to 10.2 GBP.

That means these HDMI cables support almost all kinds of high-definition videos, such as 1080p, 2160p, 4k, 2k, as well as 3D. The 48-bit deep color feature offers incredible visuals while the wide-angle theatrical 21:9 feature offers a theatre-like experience.

About the Company

Herman Pro is one of the pioneering brands in the US consumer electronics repair industry since 1963. The company has been providing high-quality connectivity, cable, and infrastructure Audio Visual products for more than six decades.

The company has leveraged its decades-long industry experience to develop 35 foot HDMI cable that has been very well received judging by hundreds of glowing customer reviews on Amazon. Their 4k HDMI cables are available on their Amazon page here.

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