Dotted Notebooks Inspire Professional-Level Bullet Journaling and Planning


LeStallion is taking charge in the notebook marketplace with its new Equine Collection of premium notebooks — motivating a higher and professional level of journaling.

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Mar 13, 2020 /prREACH/ -- LeStallion is changing the way we work, by introducing elite, lightly dotted notebooks for professionals and nonprofessionals alike. LeStallion boasts customers can plan, design and innovate even better with its exceptional products. Each notebook has been beautifully crafted with the highest quality paper and engineered with feature-rich design — making this product a stationery front-runner on the Amazon Marketplace.

LeStallion, a company committed to raising the standards of journaling, has produced its top-quality notebooks to inspire and advance the quality and longevity of journaling. The pages of the notebooks are specifically formulated to absorb fountain pen ink and the dotted and lay-flat design makes for an ideal writing surface for bullet journaling.

LeStallion strongly believes that its high-end products will help improve the quality of its customers' written content and encourage a deep dedication to achieving success. A senior spokesperson for the brand says, "Those who value the importance of their written content realize the importance of having a reliable, professional notebook. Those with a professional notebook will be subconsciously empowered on creating more valuable, innovative content."

Journalers are also taking notice of LeStallion and its premium notebooks. One customer writes, "This is just a beautiful, beautiful notebook - perfect for journaling. It is a real pleasure to look at and to hold, and the price is incredibly modest. I also treated myself to a premium pen for use with the notebook. I look forward to enjoying years of journaling."

LeStallion's bullet journal notebook is available in four different-colored covers and comes with a built-in table of contents, numbered pages, an inner back pocket and a dual ribbon bookmark with a metallic trinket. The 120gsm paper has a unique brown edging and prevents bleeding and ghosting.

For more information about LeStallion's range of premium notebooks, please visit the official website or Amazon store.


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