Professional Deep Muscle Massager Recommended for Sore Muscles

  • Date: Feb 25, 2020
  • Category: Health

Vigorous Innovations’ Jigsaw Massage Gun for Athletes is quickly emerging as a popular Amazon product. This professional deep muscle massager provides total body relief, speeds up recovery and reduces inflammation. Continue reading


Crowley , TX , Feb 25, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Vigorous Innovations' popular percussion deep tissue muscle massager continues its dream run on Amazon. In a recently published review, an impressed user has recommended the product for relief from muscle soreness and tightness. This professional deep muscle massager works on all muscles of the body, including back, feet and neck, to promote athletic recovery without spending hours waiting at the chiropractor or massage therapist's office.

"Percussive massage therapy is one of the newest developments in the industry. It uses fast, soft blows over a short period to shock muscle fibers," explains Justin Robinson, senior spokesperson for Vigorous Innovations. "The continuous taps help muscles let go of their tension so that people can relax and heal. The vibrations go deep and affect the soft tissues deep inside the body."

Vigorous Innovations' deep tissue muscle massager has six variable speed options, including a high 2,600 revolutions-per-minute setting. "Its heads knead directly into large knots and sore spots to loosen them while stimulating blood flow. It also features a 90-degree adjustable arm on the head attachment so that it can be used in any position," Robinson adds.

"This massage gun has made a huge difference in the little time I've had it. I'm 42 and work out hard, so I wake up sore and tight almost every day. The first thing I do now is use this gun on my neck and shoulders. After about 10 -15 minutes, I'm already loose, and the soreness is much better. I'll continue to use it throughout the day as I sit at a desk most of the day," a highly satisfied user mentioned in his Amazon review. "The adjustable speed is a really nice feature so I can use it on places like my neck without rattling my brains out."

This is definitely something that I'll be using going forward multiple times a day. This is one of those recovery products that actually make a difference that you can feel."

To find out more about Vigorous Innovations' body deep muscle massager, please visit the company's official website or Amazon storefront.


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