ProView By Polar Pro Introduces Next Level Camera and Phone Integration

  • Date: Oct 27, 2014
  • Category: Sports

Polar Pro’s ProView cell phone mounting system introduces the next level of camera and phone integration for serious photographers.

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Oct 27, 2014 /prREACH/ -- Polar Pro’s new ProView cell phone mount makes it easy to use a GoPro® Camera and GoPro® App together for powerful video capture.  By turning a phone into a handgrip, ProView enables simple one-handed operation while filming.

For those new to the GoPro® App and its capabilities, the app pairs the GoPro® camera to any smartphone.  This provides full access to camera functions including start/stop record, camera settings, and live view for easy framing of what you are filming.  The app also includes access to easy playback of video clips and the ability to share content across social media platforms.  However, until now, the phone and app have not conveniently been integrated into an easy one-handed operation when filming.

ProView was developed with active filming in mind.  As a stable handgrip with live preview, it makes a great tool for follow-cam filming.

“For a lot of us, skiing and snowboarding is our background,” says Jeff Overall, President of Polar Pro.  “This product is perfect for making videos with friends on the mountain.”

It also offers the quickest access to captured content possible, making it easy to see video play back, and sharing to social media.  ProView features two top pieces in the package; one with the camera mount and one without.  This provides the added value of an everyday phone case that can be easily transitioned for use with a GoPro camera.  The case also features a wrist lanyard for the added security of prevention of dropping both devices.  Also included is an additional thumbscrew for mounting the camera without the need of pulling parts from other mounting options.  ProView is a simple solution for bringing all the capability of both camera and app into the palm of the hand.  With ProView it is easy to make the most of any camera’s capabilities.

ProView is available for $39.99.

About Polar Pro Polar Pro is a leading manufacturer of GoPro accessories and mounts designed to improve the GoPro® filming experience. The company, which was founded in October 2011 at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) with the creation of a small, polarized filter.   Since then the company has experienced explosive growth to selling over 500 locations worldwide. With a dynamic team of young, and innovative employees, Polar Pro continues to find new ways to improve the filming process.

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