Psychic Source Offers Discounted Psychic Readings Including 3 Free Minutes


Accurate psychic readings including 3 free minutes is just a call away. Psychic Source, one of the most trusted names in online psychic readings, is now offering a $1/minute discount PLUS 3 free minutes. For this special discount on accurate insights about love, family, career, finances, life purpose and more, call 1-855-418-2771 and mention the Psychic Source promo code 32099.

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Apr 14, 2014 /prREACH/ -- It's generally accepted that most people could use an objective third party’s opinion from time to time.  And how much better if that person were gifted with psychic wisdom.  With one phone call, those who seek in-depth and accurate guidance are instantly connected to a psychic advisor who can provide a helpful voice and unique perspective.

This is exactly what Courtney from Santa Barbara, CA was looking for when she called. “I’d been talking to my friends, but I needed to speak to someone who didn’t know my history and could come in fresh. When I called, she was able to provide a different perspective on my life. Now life is happier and my family-life seems a lot more stable. I’ll definitely call her again.”

Visit Psychic Source today to get accurate insights about love, family, career, finances, life purpose and more.  Psychic Source would like everyone to have a chance to gain this same valuable insight. That’s why visitors are now being offered the Psychic Source coupon code. Try them for $1/minute and get 3 minutes free. This special offer is available only by calling 1-855-418-2771 and mentioning Psychic Source Promo Code 32099.

Psychic Source is known for partnering only with psychic reading mediums that have decades of experience and have passed a rigorous vetting process. “It makes me feel very blessed to be able to help people,” said Liz, one of the psychics working with Psychic Source.

It’s easy and fast to get the $1/minute discount that includes 3 free minutes. Just call 1-855-418-2771 and mention the Psychic Source Promo Code 32099.

Karen of Charlottesville, VA was happy she made the call. “I was very nervous about making that call, but I really did feel a connection between me and my consultant. She was an advisor, not telling me what to do. I say, if it can help you to call, just do it. Just call.”

Visit Psychic Source to talk to a psychic consultant and gain advice and guidance today.  This is a risk free offer. Call 1-855-418-2771 and mention Psychic Source Promo Code 32099 to  receive a $1/minute discount plus 3 free minutes of  psychic reading today with 100% money back guarantee.

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Angela Adams

I have been a member of the Psychic Source for nearly 5 years and I have been fortunate enough to speak with some of the best readers in the nation. I have tried other services, but I won't stray again because you have so many great advisors...even your customer service staff is great.
- Stephanie Drew
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