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A recently broadcasted episode of the “Lunch with Norm” podcast featured public relations expert, Michelle Harris. She and host, Norman Farrar, discussed the importance of maintaining a public image with businesses and brands. Continue reading


Aug 24, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Norman Farrar recently had the pleasure of interviewing Michelle Harris on his popular podcast, "Lunch with Norm." An acclaimed public relations professional, Harris is nationally recognized for building innovative and strategic campaigns that help define requirements and allocate resources to build brand solutions for maximum impact. She works as the public relations manager for prREACH, an end-to-end press release service platform owned by Farrar. In the episode, Harris and Farrar discussed in detail the importance of public image for businesses and brands.

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In the interview, Harris explained that she has spent over two decades in the marketing and public relations industry. She owned a successful agency for 18 years, where she handled social media and public relations campaigns, as well as marketing for large brands. Michelle believes that this provided her the opportunity to grow a great network of media outlets and contacts, which she now puts to use for smaller brands.

At Farrar's request, Harris clarified the difference between public relations and press releases. According to her, the press release is a tool that public relations professionals use to communicate a message; it is a way to speak to the public, to share specific values and views and to release information about a business's products. She also described how different variations of a press release are created for each of those categories, so that they may be sent to particular, targeted media outlets.

When asked to discuss the most common public relations mistakes people make, Harris said, "Well, the biggest mistake typically comes down to waiting to the last minute to share a message. If you have an event coming up or you have a product going on sale on the first of September, you don't want to wait till the third week of September to announce it; it's too late." She went on, "So you need to be thinking, if I'm in August, I need to be pitching for the fall, and then for Christmas. And you also need to make sure that you have great imagery and invest in taking the highest quality photos of your product that you can."

In her illustrious career, Michelle has been responsible for developing and overseeing the strategic direction and tactical execution for a variety of companies and business units, including Vacation Club International, Westgate Resorts, Exactus Inc., GetzWell Pediatrics, Medieval Times Dinner Show, The Travel Corporation, JLL Investment Management Company, The Wing House, ECD Automotive Design and many others. She was recognized with the Up and Comers award by the Orlando Business Journal in 2000. She is also the recipient of an Adrian Award from HSMAI for excellence in travel marketing, as well as numerous PRSA Prism Awards.

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A talented and dedicated public relations professional, Michelle Harris APR, has more than 20 years of marketing, public relations, crisis communications and corporate consulting experience creating and implementing award-winning programs that have consistently met and surpassed client objectives. | [email protected] | |


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