Publish Academy Review and Big Bonus by Dori Friend


Anik Singal Launches New Publish Academy and Dori Friend offers a Real Review plus her Big Bonus.

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Sep 30, 2015 /prREACH/ -- WNew York - This week digital publishing expert Dori Friend released the first review of a long awaited new product that relates to the Publis Academy course from Anik Singal.

To see the review and bonuses go here:

Singal, who is widely regarded as a legend in the digital publishing field, will be releasing his new product Oct. 13. The product relates to his popular Publish Academy Course. Both Friend and Singal have earned millions as digital publishers. The new product and course shows others how to earn a good income publishing their own digital products.

Friend also announced she will be releasing a major bonus product to accompany the Singal program. "Anik Singal has been a big influence on a lot of industry giants work over the years and has taught countless would-be authors how to earn a great living in digital publishing. His previous release sold more than 11 million," Friend said.

Friend's new "Publish Academy" bonus includes private one-on-one coaching, private Skype sessions, a traffic boot camp giving access to Friend's SEO networks for free traffic, and a case study on paid traffic for digital publishers.

Friend uses her decades of publishing experience to create bonuses that have heightened value for customers. "Personalized assistance is exactly what people need to get the most from Anik's course. Questions are always going to come up with a course so more individualized attention is what makes the difference between those that succeed and those that do not.” Friend said. Friend created her bonus as a way to combat a flood of competing bonuses that have little substance. Publish Academy teaches individuals how to create a digital product, produce effective marketing and selling systems, ways to get traffic, tools and resources for faster results, and using backend products and services to increase income.

To see the review and bonuses go here:

“Anik Singal is one of the most brilliant marketers I know. I have been developing digital publishing products since 2000 and when it comes to learning from someone how to market a product, he is your guy. In fact, I hired him to do my last launch, the largest launch I have ever done, and I did $1.1 million in sales. Publish Academy will fill a gap and show others the ins and outs for digital products."
- Dori Friend
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