Real Estate Investment Firm Expands Operations to the Midwest


A successful Los Angeles real estate firm is bringing opportunities for passive income generation to the cities in the Midwest and Southeast. Continue reading


BURBANK, CA, Jun 19, 2019 /prREACH/ -- While the West Coast has seen considerable success in the growth of real estate investment, the real estate firm of Jenny Acosta, Ivan Avila, and John Giannopoulos of West Coast Property Partners (WCPP) is pleased to announce its expansion to Midwestern markets.

Multilevel apartment buildings and single-family homes in Chicagoland, Southeastern Texas, and other cities across the US are becoming safe and profitable investments, says the firm. Portfolios that allow investment in expanding urban centers invest in the growth of these areas and the success of working people.

WCPP aims to help working people and retirees with real estate investments to increase the likelihood of achieving high performance cash flow. Of course, the location matters, and, as many Midwestern cities become more and more desirable for young, working people, real estate in those cities become more lucrative, says the firm.

According to a WCPP representative, “Stocks and bank CDs are often a waste of time for people who are working and trying to generate passive income. Real estate firms with experience, like the West Coast Property Partners, put together portfolios of high potential investment opportunities so that retirees or working people with savings can generate money from otherwise idle income.”

WCPP has seen much success in its home state of California. In just three years, the company has used the combined experience of the partners to redevelop property all over the Los Angeles Area, raising millions in capital.

Acosta, Avila, and Giannopoulos have gained notable recognition for their unprecedented rise to success and have been invited to speak to crowds numbering in the thousands. Working with big names like Steve Wozniak and Dr. Phil, WCPP is bringing its success eastward.

To learn more about WCPP and its real estate portfolios, visit its official website.


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