Replacement Headlight Company Announces New Year Discounts


Leading replacement headlight company, Headlight Direct LLC, celebrates the beginning of the year with discounts on their top selling manufacturer aftermarket lights.

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Jan 05, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Winter brings the snow and in certain parts of the United States, the number of headlights being damaged rises dramatically because of the increased likelihood of car accidents as well as road debris being kicked up just from from the season's traffic conditions. Knowing this, leading replacement headlight company, Headlight Direct LLC, holds an annual product sale of the company's most popular aftermarket lights which include Honda, Acura, Toyota, Lexus, Mercedes, BMW and much more.

In comparison to the normal, the average prices have been dropped around 10% off of their already competitive pricing. Checking out the website for particular vehicle lights will reveal specific dollar savings. The company plans to run this discount sale for most of the month of January.

About Headlight Direct LLC

The owners of Headlight Direct LLC have been in the automotive business for almost 20 years, dealing mostly with local mechanics and body shops in their humble beginnings which then progressed to serving more of the greater New York City area as they grew. Once they went live online with, the company was unsurprisingly flooded with headlight orders from around the country due to the competitive pricing of all the lights being listed for sale on the website.

Online shopping has leveled the playing field for every type of industry and the automotive industry was not immune. Since having been in the business for a good amount of time, the managing partners of Headlight Direct LLC have developed key relationships with top manufacturers and thus the reason for their attractive offers.

Pricing alone isn't enough to make a company stand out so Headlight Direct LLC also focuses on exceptional customer service. By consistently following up with their customers and finding out their true needs, the company has garnered a following in the industry that many other headlight companies wish they could match.

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From years of experience in the business, we understand the marketplace trends as well as the needs of our customers during this time of the year, so thus these special deals.
- Sam Teng
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