Reusable Earplugs: A Must Have For Overall Safety While Riding Motorcycles, Says Brand


Overall safety during motorsports also requires the use of reusable earplugs as recommended by the hearing protection brand, EarPeace. Medium, high and max filters provide in-ear protection for safer volumes during loud adventures. Continue reading


Washington, DC, Nov 12, 2020 /prREACH/ -- Since 2008, EarPeace has led the industry in hearing protection designed to lower volumes to a safe level with its innovative reusable earplugs. The company’s premium design delivers clean, crisp, full-spectrum sound to improve the overall experience of loud adventures, such as live entertainment and motorcycle riding.

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When enjoying riding, safety is always a top priority. “Unlike cars, which require no special equipment to be safe and comfortable inside, motorcycles offer no crash protection for the rider, plus they tend to fall over when stopped, and they provide virtually no protection against the elements and road hazards,” the senior spokesperson for EarPeace explains. “That’s why we use safety equipment when we ride. Every time we ride. Safety equipment isn’t a fashion choice — it’s not a political statement, and it’s not virtue signaling. It’s there to keep you healthy, comfortable, visible, and provide you as much crash and injury protection as is practical when the worst happens.

Safe riding on the road requires the obvious safety gear, including a helmet, impact armor, gloves and boots. But surprisingly, many motorcycle riders and motorsport enthusiasts overlook one essential piece of safety equipment — earplugs. “Our hearing can take a serious beating while we are out riding,” says the brand.

OSHA, the US government's Occupational Safety and Health Administration, released a study that states, “Riding a motorcycle at less than 40 miles per hour with an open helmet could produce steady noise levels up to 90 decibels, the same as a leaf blower. At 65 miles per hour, sound pressure levels skyrocketed up to 105 decibels, even 115 decibels. Driving without hearing protection at that level is safe for only a matter of minutes.” The company reminds riders that sounds at or above 85 decibels can permanently damage hearing over time.

Riders might believe that wearing a full-face helmet will do a sufficient job of decreasing wind and engine noise and protect hearing. “In reality, wind dynamics actually force helmets to vibrate, increasing sound pressure, and putting your hearing health at risk. Over the last 20 years there have been studies that demonstrate that motorcyclists' noise exposure is unique and greatly influenced by the transmission of sound pressure through the helmet,” explains the spokesperson.

The body’s auditory system is sophisticated and vulnerable. The biggest issue with understanding and monitoring hearing health, as pointed out by the company, is that people commonly lose the ability to hear gradually. By the time it’s noticed, it’s too late. According to the brand, its noise reducing earplugs are an excellent choice for riders. The high fidelity filter system allows a precise amount of unobstructed sound into the ear to maintain a high-quality audio experience but at a safe, comfortable level.

One Amazon customer is happy to report his experience using the brand’s professional-grade earplugs for riding, “So worth the purchase! I had just finished an hour plus ride at 70-80 miles per hour and into the wind without earplugs. I had just gotten a headset, and it was hard to hear with foam earplugs, so I ditched the plugs. Bad idea. After this ride, my ears hurt, and a friend referred me to these. Just received an hour ago and immediately grabbed the bike for a ride. They. Are. Perfect. Not uncomfortable, great background noise cancellation, and I could hear my music! Now that I have a keychain on my keys, I’ll never ride without.

To learn more about EarPeace or its highly popular noise reducing earplugs, visit the company’s official website or Amazon storefront.


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