Right Nutrition May Be Key to Gray Hair Reversal, As Per Experts


Gray hair supplement brand Reminex highlights the scientific research that backs the right nutrition and supplements that may help in reversing graying of hair.

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Jan 17, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Reminex, the gray hair vitamin brand, has highlighted new research that shows the role of nutrition in fixing gray hair problems and encouraging its reversal.

There are various causes for graying of hair, most of them revolve around some form of nutritional deficiency which can include a deficiency of vitamin B-6, B-12, biotin, vitamin D, or vitamin E. Thyroid problems, and some rare and inherited tumor conditions can also contribute to the graying of hair. Another major factor for gray hair is stress, with cigarette smoking further increasing the rate of graying.

However, according to a 2015 report in the journal "Development", various studies have been undertaken vitamin D-3, vitamin B-12, and copper and their connection to graying hair. It finds nutritional deficiencies affect pigmentation, suggesting color can return with vitamin supplementation. For this reason, Reminex has created a unique formula to create anti gray hair supplements that provide people with the nutrition they need to gift hair problems.

According to Allen Farrar, the representative at Reminex, “Our supplements are enriched with Vitamin B6, Catalese, Biotin, Saw Palmetto, Horsetail Extract, Sho-Wu beta carotene and other minerals that will bring back your hair's vitality. Most importantly, our proprietary formula will replenish Catalese, which is in charge of hair's natural pigmentation helping you get back your natural hair color”

Allen explains that the Reminex Gray Hair Vitamin also contains omega 3 and essential acids, which can help counter premature graying hair. This also acts as a hair thinning treatment because it has been found to be capable of stimulating hair growth and preventing the thinning of hair so that the mane will look thicker, younger and healthier. To learn more about the brand and their hair thinning treatment products, visit their official Amazon storefront.

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