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Rocking babies to sleep is a must for any new parent, but the whole process can be cumbersome and physically draining to do every single day. With the new Sleepybump Surface, parents can now get their baby to sleep faster and comfortably, without all the usual hassle. Continue reading


Jul 11, 2022 /prREACH/ -- Putting babies to sleep has never been easier, with the launch of the Sleepybump Surface new parents can now rock their toddlers to sleep without having to take a drive, go on long walks or hold and rock the baby endlessly to a point of physically exhaustion every single nap time.

A unique and innovative product, the Sleepybump Surface is a silicone surface that has been created to simulate the rocking motions children adore. Studies show significant benefits associated with rocking a baby, right from helping establish a healthy heart rate, and ensuring good blood circulation to calming a child. And it makes sense, considering the rocking motion mimics the feeling babies have when in their mother's womb.

In addition to an easy transition to naptime, our product helps babies with gas, helps release endorphins, and reduces their anxiety.  Consisting of uneven bumps that were carefully engineered to rock a baby safely and smoothly to sleep this distinctive product helps moms and dad to get their baby to fall asleep quickly in their strollers without having to take them outside. SleepyBump does all the heavy lifting, so parents are not exhausted by the time their baby falls asleep.

Liron, mom of two and the co-founder of Sleepybump, says, “Being a new parent is an incredible privilege, nothing can match the thrill of bringing in a bundle of joy into the world to call your own. However, it also comes with its responsibilities and as we are all aware, this rewarding experience is often incredibly stressful and physically exhausting. Parents hardly have time to rest and de-stress as they constantly have to stay on. And the numerous naps their baby needs during the day doesn't help - especially when it means they need to take the stroller out for a quick ride to get them to sleep.”

Sivan, mother of two and the co-founder adds: "As a mother to two, nap time is doubly challenging. The time you need to dedicate to your older son while managing the tasks of a mother to a newborn are constantly colliding. This is what inspired us to create the Sleepybump Surface. We wanted to provide a unique solution for parents to get a baby to sleep quickly, easily, and comfortably, wherever they are. saving parents a lot of time. Sleepybump frees up more time for parents to watch TV, listen to a podcast, or spend time inside with friends and family while giving their baby the sensation of walking down a soothing uneven surface. We’re thrilled by the responses so far, and these testimonials by clients mean the world to us!”

The product is incredibly simple to use. One can simply lay the Sleepybump Surface on a flat surface and start moving the stroller right on top of it. The bumpy material mimics the feel of a regular sidewalk outside, thus providing babies with the familiar rocking feeling they need to fall asleep. Apart from making nap time a lot more manageable, parents can now have complete control and flexibility: they can rock the baby with this light, mobile product while working or spending time with family and friends. What’s more, Sleepybump also replaces other improvised solutions ranging from bouncing the baby on a physioball to rocking the baby in a stroller on the edge of a carpet or other makeshift surfaces. It offers a clear, reliable solution to a recurring problem.

A delighted customer has this to say, “It’s working! Home with my eldest that didn’t want to go outside.. In 2 min my baby is napping! At home!”. With Sleepybump, parents now have control of their own time and can multi-task as they please. The product is simple to use, easy to clean, and can easily fit into the trunk of any stroller. The perfect baby shower gift for expecting mothers, the Sleepybump Surface is an innovative product that’s here to stay.

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Sleepybump Was created from a real need of two very tiered mothers. Friends for life, Mommies with an agenda! Sleepybump is A unique solution for parents to bring their baby to sleep quickly, easily, and comfortably, wherever they are.