Rodgers Real Estate Group Expands Homebuyer Tools


Central Illinois experts Rodgers Real Estate Group focus on providing clients with outstanding service, offering a range of handy tools on their website with the goal of simplifying the home buying process.

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Oct 02, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Rodgers Real Estate Group has been in business since 2001, and in that time, the company has quickly developed a reputation among clients for their expertise in the challenging field of real estate transactions. To that end, the Group has expanded the range of tools on their website to offer site visitors an easier way to get detailed information on properties.

Whether buying or selling a home, the Group’s experienced team of realtors have helped hundreds of people buy the properties of their dreams. Although specializing in Peoria-area properties, Rodgers Real Estate Group has earned accolades throughout the real property industry, posting impressive numbers and being ranked in the top one percent of real estate teams in the world.

“The Group’s primary value is to provide excellent service throughout the home-buying process,” says Scott Rodgers, founder of the company. “The professionalism and dedication [this] team displays helps the Group stand out from the competition.” To see how the Group exceeds expectations, visit

Choosing the right real estate professional can be difficult, and Rodgers Real Estate Group understands that. In order to put customers at ease, the Group offers a range of tools and informational articles on the company’s website. Guides for buying and selling a home, extensive real estate listings, and a powerful search tool are only a few of the many resources the Group provides to clients. These tools help simplify the complicated process of purchasing or selling real properties in central Illinois, and are a testament to the Group’s passion for empowering their many clients. Interactions with the realtor team are similarly informative, with the Group adhering to the highest standards of customer care in the industry. The comprehensive search tool provided by the Rodgers Real Estate Group makes it easy to find the right home at the right price. Users can search for properties by a number of factors, including ZIP code, school districts, price changes, and construction type. This powerful tool is above and beyond what other realtors offer, giving customers a range of options to find that perfect property. “By providing this tool, Rodgers Real Estate Group puts the power directly into customers’ hands,” adds Scott. “The search feature is only one of many ways that Rodgers Real Estate Group simplifies the process of finding appropriate real properties to buy.” To learn more about the company, visit About:

Established in 2001, the Rodgers Real Estate Group has quickly become one of the top real estate teams in the world. Specializing in central Illinois properties, Scott Rodgers and his team of expert realtors go the extra mile to educate and empower clients, making the home buying process as simple as possible. From Bartonville, to Peoria, to Pekin and beyond, Rodgers offers the professionalism and dedication required to exceed expectations.

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The Rodgers Real Estate Group’s primary value is to provide excellent service throughout the home-buying process. The professionalism and dedication our team displays helps the Group stand out from the competition
- Scott Rodgers
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