Scott Carson of Park City Qualifies for the 2015 XTERRA USA Championship


Scott Carson Of Park City Qualifies For The 2015 XTERRA USA Championship

After placing third in his division in his first ever triathlon, Scott Carson of Park City qualifies for the 2015 XTERRA USA Championship and a chance to become “XTERRA National Champion”.

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Oct 05, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Long time marathon runner Scott Carson recently participated in an XTERRA America Tour triathlon at the request of a friend, despite having never considered training for a triathlon in the past. Carson began training in mid-July and six weeks later he successfully completed the event.

Carson finished third in the 50-54 age group, earning him an invitation to the 2015 XTERRA USA Championship, the grand finale of more than 60 races, held at the Snowbasin Resort in Ogden, Utah.

Before entering the triathlon, Scott Carson considered himself a good runner and mountain bike rider, but he was not comfortable with his swimming skills. Prior to the training for the event, Carson hadn't swam any kind of distance in over 35 years. One-third of the XTERRA America Tour triathlon that Carson trained for consisted of a 3/4 open water lake swim, which Carson knew would be the race's most difficult challenge for him.

Scott Carson hired a triathlon coach to help him prepare for the event. He credits his ability to finish the race to the help he received from his coach. Through his experience running marathons, Carson knew that getting help from a person with more experience was the best way to ensure he could finish the race and compete safely.

Recognizing his need for more training, Carson decided to forego participating in the invitation-only 2015 XTERRA USA Championship, but he plans on training throughout 2016 to prepare for next year's championship. If Carson builds on his strength as a runner and focuses on continuing to improve his swimming skill, it is expected that he has a strong likelihood of qualifying for championship event again next year.

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Scott Carson is CEO of Healthcare Investment Advisors with 30+ years of marketing, business development, sales and management experience. He brings significant expertise in early stage start-ups, small to middle market companies and restructuring, with a majority of his career specializing in the medical equipment arena.

Carson provides advisement to businesses looking for private capital, private capital formation, investment banking, buy-side or sell-side consultation, advisory or corporate development.

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