“Scout on Demand” App-Based Pitching Challenge Launches to Support Collegiate Athletes’ Dreams

  • Date: May 16, 2016
  • Category: Sports

Pitch Duel™, a new, “Scout on Demand” app-based challenge for aspiring baseball and softball pitchers between the ages of nine and twenty-three, launches in conjunction with the 2016 Major League Baseball season. Pitch Duel™ provides professional analysis and scoring through radar technology and a proprietary scoring algorithm. Similar to Uber’s “Driver on Demand” service, Pitch Duel™ employs a “Scout on Demand” service, that GPS locates certified bullpen instructors who manually score the result of each participant’s bullpen session. The top two Pitch Duel™ scorers will win a $10,000 college scholarship, and the Grand Champion will face off against a MLB hitter.

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May 16, 2016 /prREACH/ -- May 1, 2016-  A new, “Scout on Demand” proprietary bullpen scoring app, designed to rank aspiring baseball and softball pitchers, launches at the end of May across the United States. Pitch Duel™, designed by the non-profit company of the same name, provides youth athletes between the ages of nine and 23 years old with a tool to improve their skills, gain visibility with recruiters, potentially earn a college scholarship of $10,000 or more, and face off against a Major League Baseball hitter.

The Pitch Duel™ app is a proprietary, data-driven tool that youth athletes can utilize to track and share performance using the hash tag #pitchduelchallenge. The process begins by downloading the app and creating a profile. Between May 25th and the end of the Major League Baseball regular season, the Pitch Duel™ Challenge is in the 'tryout' phase. Pitchers can start their efforts with a 'User Bullpen', by launching the app and throwing a practice bullpen session with a personal coach, teammate, or family member. The app must be active on an iPhone or iPad, and the coach manually enters pitch type and location, while tracking velocity with a radar gun. During one of these 'User Bullpens', the pitcher will be able to track success based on metrics designed under the guidance of former Major League pitchers and catchers, and watch improvement from one session to the next. However, the scores will not be counted towards the Pitch Duel™ Challenge.

If the pitcher prefers to log a score that is eligible for the national competition, the app allows for a 'Certified Bullpen'. The pitcher puts in a request, and a certified coach responds, with options for date, time, and location of the bullpen session. Once aligned, the pitcher throws a bullpen with the certified coach in attendance, and the same metrics are covered. The tracking is adjusted based on age, opponent, pitch location, pitch type, and velocity, amongst several other MLB analytics. The scores are then uploaded onto the national competition leaderboard. Current college recruiters and professional scouts will have access to that leaderboard, as well as the scoring history and biography of each aspiring athlete in the competition.

Once the Major League Baseball regular season concludes, the 'Playoffs' phase of the Pitch Duel™ Challenge will commence. During this phase of the competition, the top 100 performers from the 'Tryouts' in each age bracket will continue logging bullpen sessions through the last day of the MLB World Series. At that point, the top two finishers on the Pitch Duel™ Leaderboard will be named Grand Champion. The top finisher will win a college scholarship, currently estimated at $10,000, and the top two finishers will have the opportunity to face a MLB hitter via live stream broadcast. The gifted scholarship could increase as well, depending on the number of players who enter the competition. Awards will also be given out to the top ten baseball and softball scorers in each age bracket.

In addition to the value the app will provide for baseball and softball pitchers across the country, Pitch Duel™ is also committed to giving back. Each season, Pitch Duel™ will identify and partner with charitable organizations. According to Scott Shepard from Pitch Duel™, Inc., the inspiration for this competition goes far beyond athletics.

“While the intent is to give back to athletes who strive every day to be the best, it is crucial to acknowledge that there are far more important things in life than sports.”

For more information about Pitch Duel™ and this year's competition, visit www.pitchduel.org.

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