Secret Girls’ Diary Achieves the Milestone of 100 Amazon Reviews


SmitCo LLC’s popular, secret girl diary has received 100 user reviews on Amazon to date. With attractive features, such as an invisible ink pen and blacklight, the product addresses all the diary-writing needs of little girls.

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Belton, MO, Aug 06, 2019 /prREACH/ -- SmitCo LLC is pleased to reveal that the company's girls diary is quickly emerging as a popular product on Amazon. The journal set for girls ages five to 10 has achieved 100 Amazon reviews to date. Each set contains one 8.5" X 6.1" x 2" book with 100 double-sided, lined pages. Other key components include a two-in-one secret message pen, UV blacklight, one LED book light with clip, and 30 emoji stickers.

"With children spending so much time using computers and other technology, in and out of school, handwriting is becoming a lost art. Writing a diary helps children get into a writing habit. Their communication skills will also improve as they learn how to process their thoughts and feelings and express them clearly and concisely," said a company spokesperson.

A diary is one of the best ways to keep track of different daily, weekly, or monthly events. Just like an adult, a young girl can also make use of diaries to express her emotions, feelings, and aspirations without sharing with others.

SmitCo's product description says that the secret diary comes with a hard cover to protect it for years to come. The product contains an invisible ink pen to keep young users' privacy safe. Anything written using this pen can only be viewed with the UV blacklight included on the other side of the pen. This pen can be used on one side as a ballpoint, while on the other side is the invisible ink. The emoji theme has always been popular with the kids, and the product offers 30 such stickers for personalization.

"Our diaries for girls can be great for doodling, writing poems, ideas, songs or as a journal for any creative thoughts. Many young girls have already used it to journal for school, travel, art, fitness, gratitude, drawing, scripture, prayer or Bible devotional," the spokesperson added.

"This diary was a tremendous hit with my 10-year-old granddaughter! She picked it out of many because of the clever use of invisible ink. With that feature, she's able to write her thoughts and ideas in a place she knows is private and accessible only to her! What a wonderful find," mentions a highly impressed buyer.

Anyone interested in receiving more information about the secret diary should visit the SmitCo LLC website or Amazon storefront.


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