Selling on Amazon Successfully Not for the Faint Hearted, Experts Say


With its expert Amazon business training, Amazing teaches sellers how to improve their businesses with its recently released video, along with its new advanced course for those already selling on Amazon.


Austin, TX , Jul 10, 2019 /prREACH/ -- Amazing, the company behind expert Amazon business training, is pleased to announce the release of its latest YouTube video titled 5 Reasons Why Your Amazon Business is Struggling (And How To Fix It). Offering free Amazon training and business leadership advice to entrepreneurs already selling on Amazon, Amazing’s latest video in its comprehensive YouTube series aims to help business owners succeed on the ever-changing marketplace.

A company well known in the Amazon FBA seller space, Amazing offers a wide range of courses and training, helping thousands of Amazon sellers successfully grow their businesses. Its YouTube Channel video series aims to provide relevant, highly actionable and expert advice to Amazon sellers. The latest video released by the company shows Amazon sellers the reasons why their business may not be profiting and offers solutions to how one can work to improve and fix these problem areas.

Jason Katzenback, CEO of Amazing, states, “Dealing with the constant changes on the Amazon marketplace means continuously updating business models to work towards long-term results, to successfully grow an Amazon business. When selling on Amazon, it is hard to focus on the bottom line when it is not clear where the bottom line lies. Oftentimes sellers are getting overwhelmed with the short term, not paying enough attention to the long game. Our latest video helps give FBA sellers perspective and strategies for focusing on getting true financial control over their businesses.”

Amazing says that the Amazon marketplace is subject to change that is often unpredictable. Along with poor financial control and lack of business organization, this is often why businesses struggle, the company says. However, with a dialed-in plan for business success, Amazing provides strategies for adapting to change and setting up a business model that can brave the constantly changing seas of e-commerce.

Vigilance, equipped with knowledge, is a method that needs to be learned, the company says.

“Sellers need to couple patience with in depth knowledge of customer bases, trends, and views when learning how to sell on Amazon. Even though a product is solid, the marketplace is always changing, and sometimes instruction and guidance can be the best solution when a business is struggling,” says Katzenback.

Amazing will soon be launching its newest course, Amazing Accelerators, which is advanced training designed specifically for businesses already selling on Amazon. According to Amazing, this course aims to help Amazon sellers transform their businesses from floundering to prospering.

Those interested in Amazing’s series of comprehensive advice, as well as its new course Amazing Accelerators, can visit its YouTube Channel and official website for more information.


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