Serum Water Care – Easy Spa Parts Offers Hot Tub Serum, 4-In-1 Hot Tub Cleaner


Easy Spa Parts is pleased to Announce That They Are Introducing Serum Water Care Products – The Get it Clean and Keep it Clean System for All Brands of Hot Tubs.

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Jul 06, 2015 /prREACH/ -- Oceanside, CA  92056 - Easy Spa Parts, a premier Dimension One Hot Tub Parts online retailer selling hot tub and spa parts for Dimension One Spas has recently added Hot Tub Serum to their water care products category on their website.  The company based out of Oceanside, CA has been helping D1 Spas owners maintain their spas since 2007.

“Our service techs spend a lot of time on the phone with clients helping them keep their hot tubs and spas running smoothly and in pristine condition,” said Phil Sandner, President of Easy Spa Parts located in San Diego, CA.  “Many times the hot tub itself is working fine, but the consumer is unable to keep their water clean, fresh and balanced properly,” continued Sandner.

“Although there may be a variety of reasons for this to happen, many times we find that the hot tub has not been purged, drained and refilled with fresh water within the last 6, 12 or even 18 months.  When this happens the culprit may be the “gunk” that has built inside the plumbing of the hot tub which is out of site of the homeowner,” said Sandner.  “Unfortunately, most sanitizers that regularly keep hot tub water clean, are just not strong enough to clean the bacteria stuck to the walls of the hot tub pipes and plumbing. That’s why we decided to start offering our customers the new Serum Total Cleanse and Total Maintenance products,” commented Sandner.

Hot Tub Serum works in two parts. The first is integral to the success of the product for the hot tub owner: a gel called Hot Tub Serum Total Cleanse, a spa flush which requires the tub to first be purged then drained. The gel is used about every six months and it works in about 20-30 minutes, dislodges gunk from jets and plumbing sending it free floating into the spa where sanitizers can clean it.

When the tub is refilled with fresh water, it’s time for step two: Hot Tub Total Maintenance, a weekly water treatment that works with the consumer’s sanitizer (chlorine or bromine) of choice.  The result, is a decrease in the amount of chemicals required to treat the water, and fewer chemicals means a healthier tub environment for the user.

In addition to cleaning the hot tub itself, Hot Tub Serum can also be used to clean hot tub surfaces, hot tub filters and hot tub pillows.

Consumers wanting to learn more about Hot Tub Serum are encouraged to visit the company website for more information.  The website address is

About Easy Spa Parts

Easy Spa Parts is a full service hot tub parts and accessories online retailer specializing in Dimension One Spas. Their knowledgeable staff has 60+ years of combined experience, and can easily help spa owners troubleshoot and repair most spa related issues. Its expertise people can trust and they are just a phone call away. They’ve built their business and reputation by providing solutions, one spa at a time.

They're not just spa parts experts.  They’ve learned the importance of providing exceptional customer service. In addition to their live customer service team available 6 days a week, they also provide informative videos, step-by-step tutorials and printable maintenance tips available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

They continually work to exceed their customer’s highest expectations - even in the face of the most challenging conditions. It’s that dedication and attention to detail that keeps them a cut above the rest.  They invite hot tub owners to browse their site to find everything they need to make their spa experience the best it can be. From their family to consumers - here’s to another enjoyable day with the spa!

To learn more, pick up a copy of this free report “Clean Water Made Easy - How to Keep Your Spa Water Crystal Clear.”  Just call at 866-418-1840 or go to

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Phil Sandner


“Many times the hot tub itself is working fine, but the consumer is unable to keep their water clean, fresh and balanced properly. That's where Hot Tub Serum can help.”
- Phil Sandner, President of Easy Spa Parts
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